Working Out Commando Is Awesome, As Long As You Make Sure To Avoid These 5 Things

by Georgina Berbari

You know the feeling: You're in the midst of a killer sweat sesh, totally in the zone, when you suddenly have to pause mid-burpee because your thong feels like it's taken permanent residence way too deep within your butt crack. The struggle is f*cking real when it comes to what's underneath your favorite pair of Lulu leggings, and it can be pretty tempting to go commando to the gym because of how annoying certain types of underwear are. If you're wondering whether you should wear underwear when you work out, I'm sorry to say there's not exactly a straightforward answer one way or the other.

It really all comes down to personal preference, and what makes you and your lady parts feel best. However, if you do choose to throw on your favorite pair of undies before you hit up your weekly cycling class, there are a couple of precautionary measures to take so you can avoid any annoying BS — aka bacteria overgrowth and uncomfortable infections down there.

So, the next time you're throwing on a pair of underwear before you start your workout, be sure to avoid these five panty mishaps to keep your vagina happy and healthy.

Beware Of Thongs

Look, I love a good thong as much as the next girl, but they're not always the best option when you're lunging, squatting, and crushing the cardio game. When you're doing your thing during your workout, the string of your thong is constantly moving forward and backward, which creates lots of friction and heat — that's not what you want down there.

According to ELLE, this can invite E.coli bacteria that may be residing in your rear toward the front of your body, potentially leading to painful infections like UTIs and vaginal bacterial infections.

Satin And Lace Are The Enemy

Do you like to breathe? Well, so does your vagina, my friend. And if you're wearing satin or lace panties during your workouts, you're basically suffocating your lady parts. The unfriendly material in these undies is great for sedentary days when you're just chillin' out, but when it comes time to hit the gym, they can be irritating AF.

Opt for a more breathable fabric like cotton, or even underwear designed specifically for active women.

Steer Clear Of Oldies

Another rookie mistake when you're getting dressed before the gym is throwing on a pair of underwear that you've had since freshman year of high school.

Hey, I get it. Sometimes you're just really attached to that one pair that's comfortable as hell. But be real with yourself: Some pairs of panties — you know, the ones that have definitely seen their day — can develop exposed elastic bands, and cause irritant contact dermatitis (which basically means a super pesky rash down there).

Be Cautious When It Comes To Hair Removal

Whether you like to keep all your pubes in tact or you prefer more of a bare surface is totally up to you and 100 percent personal. However, if you do opt to strip away the hair, you're essentially removing a layer of vaginal protection, so you'll want to add some armor to the equation.

Consider fighting the urge to go commando if you recently got a wax so that you avoid any irritation or infection that pubic hair would have protected you from. When the stubble comes back, let your lady parts breathe, baby.

Don't Linger For Too Long

If you've ever sat in your sweaty workout clothes after a workout for hours because you were just way too lazy to hop into the shower, you may have suffered the highly uncomfortable effects of the yeast infection that followed (ugh, been there).

Regardless of whether you're wearing underwear or going commando when you exercise, it's always important to shower as soon as possible so that the moist environment down below doesn't encourage bacteria growth.

Overall, as long as you stay squeaky clean, and always wash your athleisure apparel after each sweat sesh, you'll be totally in the clear to make your own decision on what to wear down there — if anything at all.