4 Unexpected Benefits Of Working Out Commando Because Underwear Is Overrated

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/Seb Oliver

Ladies, if you've ever worn a thong during a workout, you know "uncomfortable" hardly even begins to describe the feeling. When I told my friend I like working out commando at the gym, she thought I was talking about the arm exercise at first. But you better believe I'm talking about how free my lady bits feel during my sweat sesh sans underwear.

TBH, I can't even remember the last time I wore underwear during a workout. Once I started, I just saw no point at all in going back.

If you've ever entertained the idea of ditching your drawers before wiggling into your yoga pants, here are five reasons to take the plunge and work out commando.

1. Bad Bacteria Is Less Likely To Migrate

Yes, your dentist frequently harasses you about flossing, but I'm pretty sure she didn't mean your butt crack.

A thong may seem like the perfect solution for avoiding panty lines and breezing through a workout, but the string actually slides back and forth while you exercise, which causes friction and allows bacteria to travel forward from your butt.

All that heat and movement, especially in the gym, can lead to UTIs and yeast infections.

Yep, I'm going to go with a hard pass on the panties.

2. Decreased Chafing And Irritation

If you're choosing to put that extra layer between your leggings and lady parts, the excess moisture can lead to painful chafing and irritation -- and that's simply in everyday life.

Think about how much worse that gets when you add your HIIT circuit to the equation.

All the more reason to throw aside your thong for good, people.

3. Less Laundry

You know when you have no clean undies and have to resort to your dingy old bathing suit bottom for a night out?

Well, if you can manage to ditch your panties during your workouts, that means less laundry for you overall,  and you'll never run out of clean underwear again.

4. You'll Feel Comfier (And Maybe Even A Little Risqué)

Say goodbye to that annoying tag on your underwear that rubs up against your lower back during every jump squat.

And peace the f*ck out to all those times you had to low-key dig your sweaty thong out from between your butt cheeks after you finished up on the elliptical.

Ditch your drawers for good, and make your glute gains sans wedgie.

If you're not quite ready to make the full commitment to the commando lifestyle, there are so many cute running shorts out there with built-in underwear to help you ease into it.

Strip it down and sweat it out! It'll be our little secret.