Shawn Reacted To An Old Clip Of Him & Camila In The Cutest Way

by Candice Jalili
Jeff Kravitz/AMA2019/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

You know that awkward phase when you have a crush but you're too embarrassed to admit it? Non-famous people have the luxury of burying those cringe-y memories in a mortifying mental graveyard. Celebs? Not so much. Take Shawn Mendes’ reaction to an old clip of him and Camilla Cabello, for example. During a Dec. 8 appearance on The James Corden Show, alongside fellow guest Matthew McConaughey, Mendes was forced to watch a clip of himself and Cabello on the show from 2015.

"Shawn, it was five years ago that you were here on the show and you were on with Camila and I asked if you two were dating and I've never seen a more unconvincing denial," Corden announced before playing the clip. And he was absolutely right. In the clip, Corden asks Cabello and Mendes if they're dating. They both vehemently deny it, but it's really awkward and feels very much not true.

So, how did Mendes feel watching the cringe-worthy video five years later, now that he's happily in a relationship with Cabello? "It's hard. It's really hard," he admitted to Corden. "I took some real deep breaths and here is Matthew McConaughey in the back of my head saying, 'It's gonna be OK,' because I remember that. That was... I mean, I didn't even accept that I was completely in love with her for another three years after that point. But it's so obvious on my face right there."

"Really?" Corden asked. "It was three years after that point that you realized you had feelings for each other and everything changed?"

Well, not exactly. "I think three years after that is when I I finally admitted and then another two years after that is when I decided to do something about it," Mendes clarified. "So now this is where that kind of took me. But the timing kind of worked out. Look at me now. We're good. Everything is amazing."

Not much of a math brain? Let me break it down for you. Three years later would have been 2018, also known as when their sexy song "Señorita" was released. So, it was sometime around this era that Mendes realized he had feelings:

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Makes sense. Then, two years after that would be 2020, also known as now that he's actually officially dating Cabello and very much openly in love with her.

In fact, in a complete 180 from that 2015 interview, Mendes recently admitted he believes every song he's every written has been about Cabello. "A song comes on the radio or something and I'm like, 'Everything is about you,'" Mendes said, describing a conversation with Cabello, in his documentary In Wonder. "They've always been about you.' She goes, 'What do you mean?' I'm like, 'They're all about you.' Like, every song I ever wrote."

I'm not crying, you're crying!