Shawn & Camila Surprised Demi With The Sweetest Gift For Being Their Idol

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello might be two of the world's most famous pop stars, but that doesn't stop them from looking up to other impactful artists. Fans can only imagine the fireworks that go off when Mendes and Cabello put their brains together to make music, but likely didn't think it involved chatting about their favorite artists. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's gift to Demi Lovato was so, so sweet.

On Nov. 21, Lovato shared a photo of a beautiful bouquet of red roses gifted to her by Cabello and Mendes, but it was their short note that really hit her in the feels. "Hey Demi, We're thinking of you talking about how much you inspired us when we were kids," Cabello and Mendes wrote. "Love, Shawn & Camila."

The former Sonny With a Chance star gushed over the gesture writing, "This is so f*cking sweet and cute." Lovato, 27, also added some humor about her age compared to Mendes (21) and Cabello (22).

"And I also feel old now," she teased. "But it's totally worth it because this is so thoughtful. Thank you guys so much! @shawnmendes & @camila_cabello I love you both."

Check out Cabello and Mendes' gift to Lovato.

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During Cabello's days with Fifth Harmony, the group opened for Lovato on Lovato's 2014 Neon Lights Tour. Cabello has long been outspoken about how much Lovato's support has meant to her.

"I’m still and always will be a lovatic," Cabello tweeted in April 2014 before going on the road with Lovato, according to a Huffington Post report. "Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful, and you are genuine and real when nobody’s looking, without wanting anything from it and I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT BECAUSE IT’S SO SPECIAL AND RARE. i am so happy you were the person i grew up looking up to :)."

Since then, Cabello has had extreme success as a solo artist, not to mention her mega-hit with Mendes, "Señorita," which just scored them a Grammy nomination. The honor was announced on Nov. 20, just one day before Mendes and Cabello sent the surprise gift to Lovato.

While it's unclear what exactly sparked Cabello and Mendes' gift to Lovato, stans of all three of the singers are just happy to see how friendly they are with one another.