7 Things To Expect When You're Sharing A Room For The First Time In College

College comes with a lot of firsts for many of us. It might be the first time you're living away from your parents, the first time you're given a lot of responsibility, and the first time you're taking the reins on your daily schedule. Among these firsts, sharing a room for the first time in college is something that may have never crossed your mind when dreaming of this big day as a kid. If you're transitioning from having a room all to yourself at home, to sharing a tiny room in a dorm, it can be a bit of an adjustment. Even though the changes will take some getting used to, you'll soon realize that dorm life is truly the best life.

When you meet your roomie on move-in day, you'll both be organizing your new space. Soon enough, you'll become fast friends who help each other navigate the new world that is college. Sharing a dorm room bonds you like no other, and you'll realize that these seven experiences of living together are what makes your friendship so legit. As someone who successfully turned her freshman year roomie into a best friend for life, I hope the same goes for you this upcoming school year.

You Might Have Two Totally Different Schedules
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Everyone in your new friend group might be on a totally different schedule, and that's OK. Your roommate might be a morning person who likes to head to the gym and eat breakfast all before class, and you may be a night owl who wants to sleep in as much as possible. As you're figuring each other out, you'll likely find a happy medium of these two different timelines.

You'll Have Many Late-Night Study Sessions, Complete With Pizza
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The late-night study sessions are inevitable in college. You'll either spend your time cramming in the library, the common rooms, or in your dorm room. No matter where you end up, pizza should be on the menu. You've both worked hard, so reward yourselves with a slice of your favorite (and yes, cheesy bread on the side is a must).

Getting Ready To Go Out Will Become One Big Dance Party

College is not all about going to class and writing papers. It's also about getting social at campus events. You'll need to unwind on the weekends, and your roomie will be your partner in crime as you head out to football games and fall festivals. As fun as the ice cream socials are, the most fun you'll have is getting ready together. When the '90s pop makes an appearance on your playlist, you'll find yourselves dancing it up.

You'll Keep Each Other On Top Of Your Responsibilities

Living on your own might be the best and the hardest part about college. Not having my mom there to remind me to clean my room or do my laundry resulted in a chaotic mess at times. That's why I'm eternally grateful for my roommate who kept me in check. We did our laundry together every week, and had dorm room cleaning parties, so the chores became fun and our place remained fresh. You and your roomie will likely keep each other on top of these adulting priorities, too.

You'll Make Daily Trips To The Dining Hall In Your PJs

Forget the library and campus green, the best place to hang out at school is actually the dining hall. You and your roomie will head there every morning for cereal, muffins, coffee, and more. You'll also find yourselves heading there in your PJs, because in college, everyone understands that sometimes, you just need to roll out of bed and remain cozy for waffles.

You'll Have Unique Roommate Traditions Only You Two Understand
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When you're living together, you'll find out that you have similar interests, and that will lead to some very fun roomie traditions. I found out my roommate and I loved making pancakes and experimenting in the kitchen. So, every Sunday, we had pancake Sunday where we tried out new recipes. It was the tastiest tradition I've ever started.

Your Roomie May End Up Being Your Lifelong College BFF
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When you're sharing a room with someone in college, you have the potential to form a deep connection. Someone who could have just been another girl in your English literature class will end up being your bestie for life. From the sweet traditions you start together, to helping each other figure out university life, you've bonded yourselves as the ultimate college BFFs.