Shamps’ Canned Sparkling Wine Is The Perfect Celebration Sip For Any Occasion

I'm calling it now — sparkling alcohol is going to be all the rage this summer. If you want to throw the trendiest party on the block, you'll definitely want to stock up on sparkling hard cider, hard sparkling water, or even some classic sparkling wine, and Shamps' canned sparkling wine is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion without having to bring out a hefty glass bottle or risk a cork shooting into your eyeball.

If you're looking for a fancy, celebratory drink you can crack open this summer, look no further than Shamps sparkling wine. According to the Shamps website and Instagram, the beverage was created by a few wine aficionados in New York City who wished their fave drink "could be more accessible." What did that mean? It meant swapping out a bulky glass bottle and champagne flute for a simple, light can. As Shamps says, "pop tabs, not corks."

The drink comes in a Instagram-worthy gold, white, and teal 12 ounce can and contains 5 percent alcohol by volume and all-natural ingredients. It's also gluten free and free of artificial flavorings. Shamps is perfect for those who prefer their sparkling white wine a little less sweet, too, since it contains less than a gram of sugar per can. Each box contains six cans of Shamps, so you can share your bubbly with friends (or have plenty to enjoy by yourself).

According to the Shamps Instagram, the drink will launch in May 2019, but there's no specific date yet. According to Shamps, distribution will begin in the Northeast region of the United States. There's also a store locator on the Shamps website, but it seems like it doesn't currently include very many listings — just one in New York labeled "Store." Per Shamps, there isn't available information about the price, but it should be coming soon, so keep an eye out.

While you wait for Shamps' official May reveal and launch, you might be excited to know that the boozy bubbles are joining countless other new canned alcoholic drinks, each with their own unique spin. Cupcake Vineyards' new Rosé & Sauvignon Blanc cans, for example, have bright and bold flavors that are perfect in frozé drinks. You can also opt for new new Ritas Spritz cans which come in mouthwatering flavors like White Peach Rosé, Pear Orange Sangria, and Strawberry Blueberry Sangria. If you're looking for a more classically flavored sip-in-a-can, Archer Roose’s Low ABV Sparkling Rosé Spritz is the way to go. It's a light canned rosé without any added frills, for those who prefer simplicity.

As canned wine rises in popularity, another alcoholic drink is coming into the spotlight along with it — hard sparkling water. Henry's Hard Sparkling Water, for example, is a canned, hard water beverage that has new flavors for the summer including Blueberry Lemon, Pineapple, and Peach Mango. It has less than 5 percent alcohol by volume and is completely sugar free. If you're looking for something with a little less booze, the new Canned Mezzo Spritz with Virtue Cider could be the perfect match. The sparkling-water based drink has just 3.5 percent alcohol by volume and is made with cider and botanicals for flavor.

Hopefully Shamps will be available alongside these delicious summer drinks sooner than later. Happy sipping!