This New Sparkling Rosé Spritz Is A Lighter Choice For Patio Season

Courtesy of Archer Roose

With just a few months to go until patio season rolls around and everyone comes out of hibernation, it's crunch time to start planning your go-to sips for all the long summer afternoons and nights you'll be hanging out with your crew. When it's warmer out, I tend to favor lighter sips with a lower alcohol content so that I can keep the party going for longer. Made from organically grown grapes with no added sugar, Archer Roose’s low ABV Sparkling Rosé Spritz promises to fit the bill without sacrificing any flavor. Trust me, this beverage is about to become your new warm weather drink staple.

Drinking rosé all day is about to become a lot more doable, thanks to Archer Roose's newest line of wine Spritzes, which the company officially released on Feb. 15. With warmer temperatures just around the corner, the craft wine company is serving up a lighter version of their canned rosé that basically sounds like the perfect fizzy libation for day drinking or a low-key night hanging out with friends. In my opinion, nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of bubbly rosé, and Archer Roose's new Spritz line is a tasty alternative featuring a lower ABV, which means that you can keep the fun going for longer.

Here's how it stacks up to the company's regular Rosé Cans, which are sourced from a sustainable winery from the Provence region. With the Rosé Spritz, you're getting less than half the alcohol content (the drink has a 6 percent ABV), making it a perfect sip for those times you're craving something lighter but still want to treat yourself to the full flavors of a rosé wine.

Health-conscious customers will like that it's naturally vegan and gluten-free, still made with organic grapes, and doesn't have any sugar added. Plus, with the same alcohol content as many beers, it's a little lighter in the alcohol department than your regular glass of wine.

Like the brand's original rosé, you can expect the same sweet notes of raspberries, lavender, and strawberries in each sip. The Spritz features a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Vermentino wines, according to press materials.

Right now, the 250 ml cans are currently being sold in over 23 states, and it just launched this week in New York. I'd recommend checking out the wine company's online locator to find the nearest Archer Roose location near you. But, if you don't happen to live in one of the 23 states offering the new Sparkling Rosé Spritz, you can also look online. Currently, you can purchase a four-pack online from Convive Wines at $11 (although press materials state that the pack will be retailing in stores for $10), meaning each bubbly can only will set you back $4 or less.

With each can offering about the same amount of alcohol as a beer, it is a cost-effective option for any occasion when you want to have a delicious beverage in hand without having to worry about getting too buzzed.

Eventually, Archer Roose is planning to offer the new Sparkling Spritz at restaurants and bars, making it even easier to ring in patio season with rosé-tinted glasses. Cheers!