A Surprising Number Of Newlyweds Don't Have Sex On Their Wedding Night

by Candice Jalili

Every time I go to a wedding I have the same thought at the end of the night: are the bride and groom actually doing it right now? As wonderful as they are, weddings also seem to be a lot of work. They're emotionally exhausting, they require lots of getting ready for the bride and groom, and they often end pretty drunkenly at the reception. So, I can't help but wonder how common sex on your wedding night really is with all of these factors working against the newlyweds.

Well, a new survey conducted by WeddingWire confirmed my suspicions that the majority of newlyweds actually aren't getting it on after their weddings. In fact, the survey found that only 40 percent of couples are having sex on their wedding nights. Contrastingly, 20 percent of guests are getting it on. So, if you're going to a wedding sometime soon, I'd pack a rubber or two.

But if they aren't having sex, what are newly married couples actually doing on their wedding nights? According to the survey a little more than a quarter of them (26.3 percent, to be exact) ate food in bed. TBH, getting crumbs in the bed is a nightmare of mine, so this sounds pretty terrible to me, personally, but I can understand why the concept would be appealing to others.

The next most common thing to do is pretty much the most millennial thing you'll ever hear: A whopping 25.4 percent of couples choose to look at photos of their wedding on social media rather than have sex with each other on their wedding night. I want to judge them so badly, but honestly, I could really see myself doing the same.

Next, 22.9 percent of newlyweds decided to spend their night opening their wedding gifts which, again, as much as I'd like to judge, sounds like a blast. Especially when all of those gifts come from a registry that you hand-picked yourself. It's like every gift is exactly what you wanted. What a dream.

Finally, a little over one in five newlywed couples (21.5 percent, to be exact) don't get around to having sex because they're up all night partying it up. As a person who loves sleep a lot, that's a group I have a very difficult time relating to. But, hey, more power to them.

The point here? If you don't wind up having the best sex of your life (or any sex for that matter) on your wedding night, you're most definitely not alone. So don't feel guilty for chowing down on room service with your bae as you scroll through all the pictures your guests uploaded of the most magical night of your lives. You're allowed to end the best night ever however you'd like to.

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