Sex On The First Date Can Either Be Totally Fine Or Too Soon, According To These Guys

The decision to have sex is such an intensely personal thing. No one but you can determine when you feel most comfortable. Maybe you're the kind of person who'd rather wait until you feel a strong emotional connection with your new partner, or maybe you think it's fun to hook up and see if sparks fly. Sex on the first date is totally fine, but it's also completely normal to want more time to warm up to someone new.

Earlier this week, I spoke to six women about their thoughts on hooking up on the first date. They had a range of reactions, which was cool. The most surprising thing I learned was that five out of the six said they wound up seriously dating someone they hooked up with right away — which runs completely counter to the common wisdom that getting physical right away ruins the potential for a relationship outside the bedroom.

The bottom line: Sleep with whomever you want whenever you both want. It really doesn't matter.

But if you happen to be curious about how guys see the situation, check out their responses below to a Reddit thread that asked that very question. Just like the women did, the men had a variety of responses. Some endorsed getting down and dirty right away, while others preferred to wait. Unfortunately — and this is pretty gross — some guys said they'd be fine with sex on the first date, but it would essentially make them lose respect for the woman. (Hello, are they judging themselves for the same thing they're judging women for? Ugh.)

Below, a dozen guys get really real about hooking up on the first date.

This guy wants to determine sexual compatability ASAP.


This guy would thinks sex on the first date decreases his chances of getting ghosted.


This guy used to like hooking up on the first date until one girl changed his mind.


This guy doesn't want to have sex right away.


This guy says his best relationships have stemmed from having sex on the first date.

— B0000000BS

This guy likes having sex on the first date, but doesn't think it's a big deal either way.


This guy loves it, but would never have a real relationship with the girl afterward.


This guy definitely isn't interested in sex on the first date.

— CliffRacer17

This guy is thinking with at least one of his heads.


This guy would rather wait — and he'd judge you for sleeping with him on the first few dates.

— Jack-A-Roe31

This guy says he leaves the decision up to his date.

— wastedf*cking

And finally, this guy says it depends on what you're looking for.


Obviously, there's no one "right" way to conduct your personal life. Have sex on the first date if you feel like it... or don't! If someone judges you for your decision either way, that isn't someone who deserves a place in your life, anyway.

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