'Sex Education' Season 2 Is Officially A Go, So Let The Awkwardness Continue


The pubescent awkwardness of Sex Education will continue on at Netflix. The streaming service announced on Friday morning that its recent British teen dramedy series will get a second season. The news comes just a couple weeks after the first season debuted on Jan. 11. So now that we know Sex Education Season 2 is officially a go, when can fans expect it to premiere, and how many episodes are we getting? Let's go over everything Sex Education fans need to know about the upcoming Season 2.

The quick Season 2 pick-up clearly shows Netflix's confidence in Sex Education, which is still only a weeks-old original series. Shortly after the show debuted, Netflix made the rare move to reveal viewership numbers, claiming that Sex Education was on track to be viewed by 40 million accounts in its first month of release. Now all those fans have a second season to look forward to.

Season 2 of Sex Education is slated to begin production this spring. The show's creator Laurie Nunn celebrated the second season renewal in a statement:

The reception to series 1 has been so exciting. Seeing how people across the world have connected to characters that began as ideas in my head is incredible. I’m hugely grateful to every person that has taken the time to watch the series, and I can’t wait to continue this amazing journey.

Netflix announced Sex Education Season 2 with a short video featuring the show's cast, which pays tribute to another iconic high school rom-com, Mean Girls. Check out the announcement video below:

The streaming service also confirmed how many new episodes fans can expect when the second season of Sex Education drops. Just like Season 1, the upcoming second season will consist of eight new episodes.

Now the only question is when Sex Education Season 2 will premiere. Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet unveiled a release date for the new season, but the fact that it is entering production in spring and will only consist of eight episodes make it seem pretty promising that we will get Season 2 before the end of 2019.

The new season will also have a lot of cliffhangers from the first season finale to work with in establishing its new storylines. Here's where I have to throw in a spoiler alert for anyone who has not finished Sex Education Season 1. The last moments of the season finale episode seemed to majorly set up what will happen in Season 2. For one thing, school bully Adam surprised Eric by having sex with him during detention and they were cautiously starting to build a relationship with each other before Adam's family sent him off to military school. Will Adam and Eric's relationship continue to grow despite the new distance between them?

And the other major cliffhanger has to do with Otis, who ended the season kissing Ola and finding himself finally able to get over his sexual repression problems afterwards. Things seem to be looking up for Otis finally, but little did he know that his other love interest Maeve was on her way to profess her love for him when she caught him kissing Ola. Fans can expect this love triangle of Otis, Ola, and Maeve to be a central part of Season 2.

Look for Sex Education Season 2 to hit Netflix later this year.