'Sesame Street' Teamed Up With Zara For Adorable Merch & Me Want It All

Lauren Moshi/Zara

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? Or maybe just the closest Zara store? Sesame Street is teaming up with the fashion retailer this spring to bring you a Sesame Street x Zara collaboration, so you can relive your childhood days of pining after a Tickle Me Elmo that your parents wouldn't buy for you. Or was that just me?

Last year, Sesame Street designed sneakers with Puma and the shoes were an instant hit. Various official and unofficial Sesame Street T-shirts are usually floating around the internet too, but the puppet-heavy show just released multiple new collaborations that will make your heart flutter. Sesame Street has enlisted multiple designers and brands to launch new, creative merchandise that is kid and adult-friendly. The brands include Zara (a personal obsession of mine), Lauren Moshi, Bioworld, Mad Engine, Drake General Store, and more. Most of the products are made for adults, but many of the children's merch can be repurposed for those of you not still in elementary school. I've already got my eye on a plush backpack from the Zara children's section.

Many of the products are already available for purchase, but even more will be released throughout spring 2018. Take a look at what's available already!

Zara Grover Backpack


Grover Backpack, $36, Zara

This backpack is technically sold in the kids section at Zara, but that's just a suggestion, right? It's so plush and I just want to squeeze that bright pink pom pom nose! It's 12 inches tall and a little over 11 inches wide, so it can hold a decent amount of stuff. I've actually seen adult backpacks smaller than this.

Lauren Moshi Capri Sesame Street Shirt

Lauren Moshi

Capri Sesame Street, $101, Lauren Moshi

Lauren Moshi's designs are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but that distressed deatiling takes it up a notch, and look how glam the outfit appears with those oversized statement earrings.

Lauren Moshi Darby Sesame Street Sweatshirt

Lauren Moshi

Darby Sesame Street, $145, Lauren Moshi

I'm so tempted by this one, those burnout holes are just the right amount of grunge for me.

Lauren Moshi Delia Sesame Street Sweatshirt

Lauren Moshi

Delia Sesame Street, $145, Lauren Moshi

This sweatshirt has a cool faux layering effect with those contrasting sleeves, and it looks comfy AF.

BoxLunch Sesame Street Cookie Monster Women's Tee


Sesame Street Cookie Monster Tee, $22, Box Lunch

Me want cookie (monster shirt)! The dark colors on this shirt make it more sophisticated than some of the Sesame Street apparel your nieces and nephews probably own.

BoxLunch Sesame Street Women's Tee


Sesame Street Womens Tee, $22, Box Lunch

This black and white tee has the whole gang, and both this and the above shirt range from size XS to XXL!

BoxLunch Sesame Street Cookie Monster Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Sesame Street Cookie Monster Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $25, Box Lunch

BoxLunch has more men's shirts than women's as part of the collaboration but I think that's just code for unisex. I get that same crazy look in my eyes when I dive into a bucket of movie theater popcorn.

BoxLunch Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Pocket T-Shirt


Sesame Street Oscar The Grouch Pocket T-Shirt, $22, Box Lunch

This Oscar the Grouch shirt is for when you have a boozy brunch planned, but you're too hungover to even want to be there. Oscar looks surprisingly happy here compared to his usual persona, but I think he'd generally approve of a hungover brunch.

BoxLunch Sesame Street 1993 T-Shirt


Sesame Street 1993 T-Shirt, $23, Box Lunch

I love the retro combination of neon and pastel colors on this shirt. I'm think I'll wear this shirt with a chic black shirt, or tuck it into high-waisted skinny jeans and it'll luck v luxe.

BoxLunch Sesame Street Grover Tee

Sesame Street Grover Tee, $22, Box Lunch

I feel like Grover is one of the more underrated Sesame Street characters, but he looks pretty super to me.