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September 30 Will Be An Overwhelming Week For These Zodiac Signs


If I could, I would bring you nothing but good news. But that wouldn't be very realistic, would it? Truth is, no matter how glamorous, romantic, and aesthetically pleasing Libra season sounds, there's no guarantee it's going to affect you in the way you'd hope. What it all comes down to is how Libra clashes with your birth chart, and to give you a general idea of how it might, know that September 30, 2019, will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. If your sun or rising happens to fall under any of those particular signs, you might have to prepare for an emotional storm.

I'd venture to say everyone will be feeling a bit overwhelmed this week, and it's all thanks to Venus — planet of love and beauty — forming a square with intense and obsessive Pluto on Oct. 1. This could encourage attraction to things that may not be very good for you, so make sure to implement boundaries, respect others, and know your worth. Understand that desire does not equal love, no matter how tantalizing it may seem.

Luckily, water signs do have one thing to look forward to. When Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — enters Scorpio on Oct. 3, the energy will become more passionate, intuitive, and spiritual. While Libra wants to keep things light and fluffy, Scorpio wants to get to the blood and guts of a situation (which is just how water signs like it best). Prepare for deeper talks and even deeper feelings.

However, here's why water signs might feel like they're barely holding on:


Cancer: You May Struggle Against Some Harsh Truths

You're sensitive enough to begin with, Cancer, but you might be crawling into your little crab shell now that the sun is in your fourth house of home and family. Dark secrets regarding your household and the roots you come from may be surfacing as Venus and Pluto form a square. Choose empathy and kindness over the need for control when you can. This is not the time to make things worse.

Fortunately, now that Mercury is in your fifth house of art and romance, you're starting to regain your spark and see life through a more colorful lens.

Scorpio: You Could Feel Very Isolated From Others

You may be in a dream state these days with the sun in your 12th house of the self, making it all the more difficult to exist in reality. All this secrecy and seclusion may even be inspiring feelings of isolation, and when Venus and Pluto form a square, it's possible shame may affect your perspective in a debilitating way. Stay grounded whenever possible and do your best to breathe through these feelings. Learn from them instead of acting out on them.

However, you're ready to speak up and regain your independence now that Mercury has entered your first house of the self. It's time to tell it like it is.

Pisces: You Might Experience Feelings Of Jealousy Or Insecurity

With the sun in your eighth house of transformation, you're probably being faced with lots of obstacles at the moment. No matter how trying they are, they're ultimately designed to help you rise from the ashes and grow. However, when Venus and Pluto form a square, you may feel like you're losing power over a relationship, which could lead to you doing something drastic to gain it back. Remember, love is not about power, so try to let go of your ego.

Fortunately, with Mercury now in your ninth house of wisdom and faith, you'll feel inspired and more open to new perspectives. Choose your own adventure.