Selena Gomez Changed Her Hair AGAIN & She Looks Like A French Movie Star

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez is officially famous for her chart-topping music, but is increasingly becoming a fixture in the world of #hairgoals, as well. The only reliable aspect of the singer's hairstyles is that they are wildly unpredictable. Selena Gomez's short haircut and bangs is her newest changeup and I might be ready to chop off my locks, too.

Gomez has sported almost every hairstyle I can think of: voluminous waves, waist-length tresses, platinum blonde, dirty blonde, blunt bangs, an undercut, the list goes on. The biggest makeover my hair gets is when I deign to wash it (don't ask how often), so I choose to live through Gomez's spectrum of hairdos.

The Revival singer set off what I can best describe as a chain reaction of hair makeovers in November 2017 when she debuted an eye-catching blonde lob (a long bob) at the American Music Awards. Gomez's blonde hair got the internet talking and while, yes, she's a talented, smart, and savvy woman, I've been living for nothing but her ever-changing hairstyles ever since.

Gomez often reveals her new styles on red carpets, at fashion shows, or in bold Instagram posts, but her most recent reveal was probably unplanned. The hair chameleon was minding her own blessed business when a fan spotted her and asked for a photo. Little did the Selenator know his fan photo would reveal something so big.

Based on my eagle-eyed detective skills, Tyler Calpito was doing what oh so many regular folk do on a daily basis: A Starbucks run. And look, so was Gomez! I sniffed around on the Starbucks Frappuccino menu and it appears that Gomez is enjoying a Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino. Calpito either hasn't gotten his caffeine fix yet or dropped it on the ground as soon as he spotted Gomez, which I probably what I would've done, too. Either way, Calpito got one of the most epic fan pics I've ever seen, plus he uncovered the singer's stunning new summer chop. That half-up half-down look is giving me day at the beach realness.

But, wait, that's not all! Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo also posted a behind the scenes photo of Gomez while on set for a secret project and the girl has an even shorter bob, with bangs. Vanngo captioned the photo, "Coming soon..." and soon can't come soon enough because I need to know what that hair is for. Did Gomez get bangs for real? Did she use clip-on bangs? Is it a wig? Will we ever know?

Despite Gomez's recent shorter hair, she's also still been playing around with longer lengths. Days before Vanngo's post and Calpito's fan pic, Gomez posted a photo of her hair in a long braid, the work of high-end extensions, I would guess. Before I could begin to wonder how long she'd leave the extensions in, umm, hi, what's going on underneath that braid? Gomez got an undercut! The girl knows how to keep me on my toes. Other celebs have donned a partially shaved head — Rihanna's undercut hair is one of my favorites — but I did not anticipate Gomez reaching for the razor, too.

Gomez has had short hair as of late, but I just never know what's real and what's a wig. When she's on duty, I assume she's got an A-list hairstylist at her fingertips to create a new masterpiece at a moment's notice. It's off-duty, unplanned pics like the one Calpito snapped that show what her hair is truly like on any given day.

Selena, girl, tell me all your hair secrets.