Selena Gomez’s Curly-Haired Selfie Serves Up Major Fall Hair Inspo With A Side Of Volume

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Autumn is officially here, y’all, and slowly but surely, all my favorite celebs have been taking to Instagram to debut their new fall hairdos. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid went blonde, Kristen Stuart went bubblegum pink, Kim Kardashian got her shortest haircut to date, and Selena Gomez’s natural curls are living their best life. Today, I’m here to focus on on that last one — in a brand new selfie, Gomez’s strands were POPPIN', and while she always looks incredible, I'd argue she's at her best when she's showing off her curly strands.

Selena Gomez has been a celebrity for as long as I've been old enough to use a hot tool, and I've given myself many unintentional burns from curling wands and flat irons in the process of trying to create some of her best looks. The edgy, straight side-bangs she rocked as Alex on The Wizards of Wavery Place were the cool-girl strands of my tween dreams, and as she matured, I found myself trying to immitate her red carpet updos, always curling a few tendrils up front to frame the face.

Gomez isn't afraid to change up her hairdo every now and then, but for the most part, she shows off her lob via a straight blowout:

That said, she does occasionally play up her naturally-curly strands, and her fans (Myself included!) always live for it:

I spent most of my childhood straightening my natural curls, and over time, my hair paid the price. Now, my hair left to dry naturally ends up a strange mix of not-quite curls that aren't smooth enough to be called waves, and TBH, I wish I'd learned to love my hair texture before I damaged it for life.

Had I seen this pic of Gomez's fluffy curls looking straight fire, it's possible Young Me would've learned to work with my hair texture, not against it:

OMG, so good. Gomez's dark ombre brunette lob takes on new life with these bouncy curls, styled by hairstylist Marissa Marino. Well done, Marissa!

According to a reply in her comments section, Marino used a Hot Tools 3/4" Ceramic Tourmaline Marcel Iron/Wand ($52, to define Gomez's mane, for a look that left no strand out of place:

Once, as a child, a hairstylist told me that in order to achieve the types of curls and waves popularized by Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the other stars I idolized at the time, I would need to first straighten my curls and then re-curl them to achieve the right look. And so, my journey with heat damage began! I wish I'd had a hair expert like Marino in my life to show me how well my texture could work in my favor when it came to creating curls that lasted. If Gomez had fine, straight hair, this style might not look so voluminous and thick, but because she's got quite a mane pre-styling, the look was likely a lot easier to achieve.

Say you're not as #Blessed in the hair department as Gomez? You can still get the look with the curling wand above, plus a few other styling saviors:

As luck would have it, Tangle Teezer just dropped two new styling brushes, both of which are essential to nailing Gomez's fluffy, curly look. After using the curling wand to create voluminous curls with large sections of hair, ensure the style will hold by spritzing a layer of hairspray — the Dove Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray ($6, is the right pick, if you ask me, since it won't leave curls too crunchy to be futher styled. Next, use Tangle Teezer's The Ultimate Finisher ($18, to brush them out — this tool is designed to bring life back into the curl without actually ruining the shape, which is essential for this style, since Gomez's curls don't look fresh-from-the-curling-iron. Lastly, Tangle Teezer's new The Ultimate Teaser ($12, is a great pick if your hair falls a little flatter than Gomez's as you can tease the top juuust a bit (Don't overdo it, as too much back-combing can be damaging!) for that celeb-level lift. After that, try to take a selfie as strong as Gomez's, and prepare for the compliments on your curls to roll in. Shout out to Selena for the fall hair inspo you didn't know you needed!