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Selena Gomez Says Dating Justin Bieber Is Something She's "Not Really Ashamed" About


Spoiler alert: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are totally a thing now, and everyone should be fully supportive of it. We know, we know: they're on-again, they're off-again, they make up then break up. But they're older now, and wiser, or at least it certainly seems that way. When she was on the red carpet before accepting Billboard's Woman of the Year award, Gomez got pretty candid about all of things that have been going on in her life — her love life, in particular. So when Selena Gomez said dating Justin Bieber is something she's "not really ashamed" about, she got very vocal on why people shouldn't care about her personal life — and she raised some startlingly good points.

As you all know, the universe went absolutely nuts when photos surfaced of Selena and Justin hanging out in October, right after she announced her split from The Weeknd. Those who shipped Jelena became ecstatic, hoping and praying that this day would come, thinking that the pair was destined to be together. And they got their way just one month later, when a photo of the two was shared on social media: Bieber, seen in a hockey uniform, was seen kissing a happy-looking Selena, cheering him on from the stands:

And even though Justin and Selena's relationship timeline is enough to make anyone want to rip their hair out, I'm just going to say it: they're young, and they're in love, and so what if you don't like it?

Apparently, Selena feels the exact same way.

In her interview with Billboard, Selena opened up about why she simply doesn't understand the fascination the public has with her romantic life:

She added:


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It sheds a lot of light on who she is as a person, and, in a previous interview with Billboard Magazine, Gomez mirrors this sentiment. When asked "what brought Justin back" into her life, she replied honestly:

See what I said about getting older and wiser? Selena is spitting out some serious truth right there.

And look: Selena's had quite a year. Back in September, she took to Instagram to explain why she was staying pretty much out of the media entirely: Gomez had to undergo a kidney transplant due to her battle with Lupus:

Her year has clearly been a journey of ups and downs, and it's refreshing to see someone speaking so honestly about their personal life. I think we should all give Selena some credit for giving a major shrug to all the doubters (because we all know that can't be easy) and living her best life on her terms.

Keep on keeping on, girl. We've got your back.