Is Scott Disick More Astrologically Compatible With Kourtney Or Sofia?

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Few love triangles are more complicated than Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian, and Sofia Richie's. Two years after breaking up with Kardashian, Disick started romancing Richie, and the couple dated for three years before reportedly ending their relationship in May 2020. However, since Disick and Kardashian share three kids, their bond is complicated AF, and even when they were broken up, the two spent more time together than your typical exes would. TBH, I don't know whether Disick is currently dating Kardashian, Richie, or no one at all, but I do know Scott Disick is more astrologically compatible with Kourtney Kardashian than he is with Sofia Richie. Sorry, Sofia. It's not you — it's astrology.

Disick was born on May 26, making him a Gemini. Kardashian's April 18 birthday makes her an Aries, while Richie's Aug. 24 birthday makes her a Virgo. Despite the fact Geminis and Virgos are both ruled by Mercury — making them both curious, communicative, and adaptable — the two signs have little else in common. Virgos are shy and sensitive with a penchant for taking caution, while chatty Geminis frequently leap before they look. Aries, however, are similarly impulsive, which is what keeps Aries-Gemini relationships packed with fun and adventure.

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Like many of her fellow Virgos, Richie seems wise beyond her years, while Disick has himself admitted he can act immaturely at times. Reportedly, Richie hoped their breakup would serve as "a wake-up call" so Disick "would learn some lessons during their time apart," but if he's like most Gems, it's unlikely that will happen. Meticulous Virgos like to have control over every situation, and their desire to help their partners succeed can be perceived as overbearing — especially if that partner is a Gemini. The twins of the zodiac are known for being adaptable, but that doesn't mean they're totally willing to change their freewheeling behavior.

During a June 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, Richie spoke about her refusal to rest on her laurels or use her famous family to get ahead. "I actually really enjoy work ethic," she said, which is a major #VirgoMood. Gems certainly aren't lazy, but unlike Virgo go-getters, a Gemini's indecision can hold them back. Likewise, while Virgos set impossibly high standards for themselves, Gems tend to have a pretty healthy ego. As Lord Disick once said, "You know, I've realized that I'm probably just perfect and it's everybody else around me that's got issues." Was he kidding? Probably. Was it still on-brand for him? Absolutely.

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Unlike Virgos, who will likely try to change their Gemini partner's bad habits, Aries are far more accepting of a Gem's many quirks. The most challenging aspect of an Aries-Gemini relationship is learning to trust each other, since Geminis have a tendency to be a bit evasive. However, if they can move past that, Aries-Gemini pairings are capable of thriving. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the co-parents admitted one of their biggest relationship issues is with transparency. "Honesty is always better than [lying]," Kardashian once told her ex, which is pretty much how all rams tend to feel.

What really brings Aries and Gems together is their mutual love of exploration. Neither can sit still for long, and these two impulsive, energetic signs love going on adventures together. Even after their breakup, the exes (along with their three kids) continue to go on exotic vacations, and they don't see anything weird about it. During another KUWTK episode, Kardashian explained, "I know with my parents, as soon as everyone got along, life was so much easier. It felt like everyone was happy. So as long as everyone's OK with it, I think it's amazing we all get to travel together." Aries are eternal optimists, after all.

As long as Geminis are honest with their Aries partners and Aries are willing to dial back their intensity, an Aries-Gemini relationship can be a beautiful thing. Of course, astrology isn't everything, so whomever Disick ends up with, I just hope that person makes him happy.