Rihanna Made Savage x Fenty Thong Charms & It's Not New Music, But I'll Take It, I Guess

Savage x Fenty

In her track "S&M," Rihanna sings that whips and chains excite her. She's already released a leather crop as part of her lingerie brand and now, it seems it's time for chains to factor into the line's equation too. Savage x Fenty thong charms are officially here as part of Riri's latest sexy drop, and if they sound weird it's because they are. But weird is good and personalization is paramount within fashion right now, so maybe this is actually a stroke of creative genius, albeit a very quirky one? Only time will tell.

The charms arrive in three different packs and are meant to be clipped onto two other new Savage x Fenty releases: their Lace Thong With Charms ($30, and Lace Bikini With Charms ($34,, which both feature adjustable side chains that resemble that charm bracelet you owned circa 2003. Chains on my underwear? I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I suppose they do add a playful feel to lingerie that's never been done before so I can't knock them before I try them! The thong arrives in a cream color, while the briefs can be shopped in black, lavender, and a light pink, and each pair of underwear matches existing bras within the Savage x Fenty lineup so you don't have to worry about hunting for something cohesive. I can't say that chains excite me, but they sure do intrigue me.

And now, onto the (most) fun part: the charms. They arrive in three different packs that each boast a different theme, with the standard Charm Pack 3 ($16, featuring tiny trinkets in the form of a golden champagne glass, a red pout, and a golden letter X. They'd be perfect for Valentine's Day or another romantic occasion (with a partner or yourself — May is national masturbation month, after all), and tbh, they look like charms I owned for the aforementioned charm bracelet I owned in middle school.

Next up is the Bridal Charm Pack ($16,, which, as its name suggests, is wedding themed. The pack features a wedding ring charm, a three tier golden cake, and a gold X, and would be a fun addition to any wedding night.

Last but not least, there's the Summer Charm Pack ($16,, which is my favorite one of the bunch. It includes a teeny gold pineapple with a green top, a pearl-studded seashell, and the classic gold X, and each charm screams summer fun and feels tropical AF.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the thong charm? I was really hoping that Rihanna's next big drop would be a boatload of new music, but I guess I'll take this in the meantime? The artist has confirmed that new music is indeed coming in 2019, though little other information as to when and in what format has been released. Leave it to Ri to keep us all waiting and buying into underwear jewelry in the meantime.