Saturn & Pluto Are Both In Retrograde, But Here's How You Can Harness That Energy

Can you feel the rush of energy in the air? There's something new reverberating from the world, something buzzing with purpose. It feels like perspectives have shifted, coloring brightness even brighter, darkness even darker. Just look around you — can't you sense it? It probably has something to do with the fact that Saturn and Pluto are both about to be in retrograde. I mean, there's usually some astrological reason behind the weirdness in life.

Saturn has been in retrograde since April 17, and will remain that way until Sep. 6. Pluto is also about to enter its yearly tailspin on April 22, and that will last until Sep. 30. These particular retrogrades take up a huge chunk of time in your life, unlike Mercury retrograde, which only lasts about three weeks. This is why you might not even notice how drastic Saturn and Pluto's retrograde effects will be just yet. Their toll on you takes months to fully form. And instead of presenting you with useless inconveniences, these retrogrades will shove you into the next phase of life, whether you're ready for change or not.

Both of these planets have an incredibly heavy hand, their powers often of an unapologetic and mysterious nature. Saturn rules over restrictions, limitations, and karma, while Pluto rules over secrets, the subconscious, and transformation. During retrograde, they both have so much to teach us. By the time it's all over, we'll be filled to the brim with wisdom.

Saturn Retrograde: Time To Get Serious About Your Dreams

Saturn is all about discipline, hard work, and letting nothing stand in the way of your dreams. When this planet is in retrograde, all of the barriers that normally hold you back in life are lifted. During this time, you can rearrange your perspectives, habits, and routines to reflect your goals. In a sense, your work ethic may be due for some serious remodeling. If you don't understand that major changes must be made to your values and priorities from time to time, then this retrograde will only serve as a reminder of how far behind you may be in life right now. Instead, let this retrograde be a motivating coach telling you never to give up, to get off your lazy ass and keep moving.

Saturn is currently in Capricorn, which means now is the time to adopt this sign's powerful qualities, and relinquish its negative ones. Capricorn has tunnel vision when it wants something, and relies on no one else in order to get it. Capricorn can also be vain, superior, and greedy — all of which can be its fatal flaw. As long as you make concrete plans and follow through, Saturn retrograde is sure to be a beautiful experience, rather than a miserable one.

Pluto Retrograde: Let Go Of What’s Not In Your Control

While Saturn deals with more superficial aspects of success, Pluto deals with inner success. It puts you through challenges that, when overcome, allow you to look in the mirror and feel comfortable with what you see. This retrograde will cause any darkness that's currently leeching away at your subconscious to float up to the surface, where it cannot be unseen. It will clarify the painful aspects of your past that have been holding you back, possibly because you're still unable to let go of your trauma. It will also show you what you can and cannot control in this life. You might be wasting a lot of energy obsessing over things you have no power over, while ignoring the power you do have.

Pluto is also in Capricorn during this retrograde. This sign shuts the door and never looks back on toxic forces in life. It is a cardinal sign, embarking on journeys with sparks flying from its heart, moving too fast for most other signs to keep up. It is your time to release your hold on negative memories; they no longer have control over you. Now, you have the control.

The Combination Of Both?

You can expect these retrogrades to change you from head to toe, from your soul to your body, from spirit to mind. You will not notice these changes at first; they'll slowly creep up on you, altering you one moment at a time. By September, you will look back on this time and see someone completely different from who you are right now.

There will be challenges, obstacles, pain, and maybe even loss. But there will also be reward, revelation, gratification, and confidence. These retrogrades are simply the beauty and tragedy of life, making each year unique and unforgettable. You've gone through these periods all throughout your life. It's nothing new. It's nothing you can't handle.