Sarah Hyland Suggested Getting Married At City Hall In Her Birthday Post For Wells Adams


Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams might not be walking down the aisle anytime soon due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it's safe to say they've still got wedding bells on the brain. On Saturday, May 16, the Bachelorette alum rang in his 36th birthday with a sweet Instagram shoutout from his fiancé that proves the Modern Family star is getting creative when it comes to planning their future nuptials. Sarah Hyland's birthday post for Wells Adams included a new low-maintenance wedding plan that she may or may not be joking about.

On Saturday, Hyland penned an Instagram birthday message for Adams, whom she got engaged to in July 2019. In her post, which included three photos of the couple embracing and gazing into each others' eyes, the actress reflected on how their year was shaping up to look quite a bit different than they'd originally planned.

"Happy Birthday to my future husband," she wrote. "2020 has not gone the way we thought it would but my love for you is at least one thing that will never change. Thank you for your laugh, your jokes, your sunshine. I’m so grateful to have spent another year around the sun with you. You’re a dream come true and my true north."

Hyland concluded with a quip about their delayed nuptials, writing, "Who knows? Maybe we’ll get married at city hall and use this picture as our announcement. I love you more than words can say. To Pluto and Back Baby. Happy Birthday."

Hyland's sweet birthday message came just weeks after the Bachelorette star told Us Weekly that quarantining together had only made them stronger as a couple and had been a good "simulation" to see how they'd handle married life.

Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"If we can get through this then we should be getting married," he said during the exclusive interview on May 1. "Weirdly enough, we quarantine really well together."

The reality star said that the isolated time together had "reconfirmed" that he'd made the right decision and that, despite everything, he was enjoying getting to spend some extra one-on-one time with Hyland.

"I mean, it’s obviously been — this whole thing has been scary and anxiety-ridden just because you don’t know the future — but it’s been nice spending a lot of time with her," he said.

During the interview, Adams confirmed that the couple has yet to settle on a date for their wedding, but it sounds like the pair are stronger than ever as they get through this quarantine together... and Hyland's comment sure makes it sound like they'll be saying "I do" sooner rather than later.

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