Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams’ ‘Tiger King’ Costumes Are Totally Wild

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Look Wild Dressed Up As Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin

Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty much everyone is all about Tiger King right now, but Sarah Hyland proved she's one of the biggest superfans in a new Instagram post that shows off her fun-loving personality. The Modern Family alum shared a photo of herself and her fiancé, Wells Adams, dressed as eccentric characters from the popular Netflix docuseries. And no, they're not dressed as who you might initially think. TBH, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' Tiger King costumes are relationship goals.

Hyland shared the Instagram post on Saturday, April 11, along with the caption, "That bi*ch Carole Baskin killed her husband." In the photo, she's dressed as zoo owner Joe Exotic from Tiger King, donning a blond mullet wig, black cap with "Daddy" printed on it, a fake mustache, and a sheer leopard-print top. Adams is next to her dressed as animal rights activist Carole Baskin. To get in character, the Bachelorette alum wore a blond wig, a pink cat ear headband, and a leopard-print top.

Hyland and Adams totally hammed it up with three hilarious shots in character as Exotic and Baskin. Hyland cradled a Lion King stuffed Simba in her arms to represent Exotic's big cats, and Adams held up a tin of sardines, a nod to accusations that Baskin used a fishy scent to get Exotic's tigers to attack him.

This isn't the first time Hyland and Adams have shown off major PDA on social media. On Saturday, March 28, the two took advantage of their free time while practicing social distancing to try their hand at the TikTok couples challenge. If you haven't heard of the challenge, here's how it works: The goal of the challenge is for both people to close their eyes while a third party asks questions about their relationship. The participants can then either point to each other or themselves to respond.

The couple, who got engaged in July 2019, seemed to be on the same page for many question. They decided that Adams was "the funny one," "the more romantic one," "the better cook," and the "grumpy one in the morning." He was also the one who made the moves for their first kiss.

Hyland shared with US Weekly in September 2019 that although she hadn't planned out the guest list for the wedding yet. "I think a lot of mistakes that people make are [that] they’re excited to have a wedding and not a marriage,” she said. Well, clearly these two are pros at always finding fun ways to make each other laugh.