Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Revealed Some Secrets About Their Relationship In A Fun TikTok

Kevin Mazur/Fox/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are giving fans a glimpse into just how well they know each other with a viral challenge. The couple, who got engaged back in July 2019, was the latest to put their relationship to the test while answering questions about each other. The results of Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ TikTok couples challenge has the Modern Family star jokingly comparing the pair to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, because they absolutely nailed it.

On Saturday, March 28, the couple — who is currently social distancing along with most of the country — took advantage of their free time to try their hand at the TikTok couples challenge, which has been attempted by countless other people in relationships including J-Rod. The premise of the challenge is that both people close their eyes while a third party asks them questions about their relationship. The participants then point at each other or themselves to respond.

Hyland and Adams, who started dating in late 2017 after the reality star's stint on The Bachelorette, seemed to be on the same page about their relationship as they both agreed that Adams was "the funny one," "the more romantic one," "the better cook," and the "grumpy one in the morning." They also revealed that it was Adams who initiated their very first kiss.

For Hyland's part, she was crowned the "more stubborn one," "the messy one," and the one who takes longer to get ready in the morning. The one point of contention seemed to be around who said "I love you first," as both Hyland and Wells pointed to themselves during that question.

The actress jokingly captioned the final product, "The very poor man’s @jlo & @arod," referring to the fact that the A-list couple also previously took the challenge.

While the one-year anniversary of their engagement is just around the corner, Hyland previously said that she's trying to be less focused on planning her nuptials and more focused on life after they exchange their "I do's."

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly at the premiere of The Wedding Year on Sep. 12, Hyland admitted that she hadn't really sorted out her guest list, her wedding dress, or the details of her ceremony, but she wasn't sweating it.


"I think a lot of mistakes that people make are [that] they’re excited to have a wedding and not a marriage," she told the publication.

Only time will tell if the couple takes advantage of their free time while self-quarantining to get into wedding planning, but fans can hopefully expect more glimpses of their relationship as Hyland and Adams practice social distancing together.