There's 1 Reason Why Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams’ Parents Still Haven’t Met Yet

by Korey Lane
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There are very few Hollywood couples who manage to be both adorable and relatable. Sure, George and Amal Clooney are total goals, but their fairytale life isn't all that realistic. But Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, for example, are totally down to earth. From Taco Bell dates to hilarious selfies and everything in between, the couple is ridiculously real. Even the fact that Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams’ parents still haven’t met yet feels like something that'd play out in your own life.

Everyone knows the basic relationship milestones. There's the moment when you define the relationship, the first time you say "I love you," when you meet each other's friends and family, and then maybe move in together or even get engaged. As you and your partner grow closer, those milestones just keep coming up. But sometimes, they get a little out of order. And for Hyland and Wells, there's a totally understandable reason why.

Appearing on the Your Favorite Thing podcast, Adams explained that his bae's parents have yet to meet his own parents for one simple reason: politics. "My parents haven’t met Sarah‘s parents and for good reason,” he said, according to People. "They both fall on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and I’m just sure someone’s going to get into a fight about something." Honestly, he's not wrong.

Today, it seems as though people are more political than ever, which is great. You should be able to stand up and speak out and make a difference if that's what you want to do. But there's also no denying the fact that the divisions between right and left have never felt more severe. So, it makes total sense Adams and Hyland would be more cautious about their parents meeting. In fact, Adams also revealed on the podcast that they wouldn't be meeting until the two lovebirds were married.

"They are going to hang out one time, and it’s going to be at the wedding, and the directive is no one is allowed to talk about politics," he explained. Can you blame him? Most of us have political divisions in our lives, whether it be between us and our parents, our siblings, grandparents, coworkers, or even in-laws. They're hard to deal with, and so it's understandable Adams and Hyland would want to avoid to conflict for as long as possible.

Adams also talked about the clash of personalities and values that will collide when his and Hyland's parents and families do finally meet. "It will be liberal actors and my dad and my family who are a bunch of conservatives," Adams said on the podcast. "My dad’s a doctor, my brother-in-law is from oil money in Texas. It’s going to be so weird." At least weird is interesting, right?

Hyland and Adams have a rock-solid relationship, it seems, so when their parents do meet, that doesn't mean anything bad will happen. It just might be uncomfortable and awkward for a bit, and that's OK. Parents meeting each other can be complicated, but Adams and Hyland remind that as long as you make your relationship the priority, that's all that matters.