Sabrina Carpenter in 'Work It'

Sabrina Carpenter Released A Song For Her Movie 'Work It' & It's Such A Bop


Any certified dance flick needs a few things: an issue that can only be overcome through the power of movement, a little bit of drama, and of course, a banging soundtrack. Netflix's Work It — which dropped on Aug. 7 — has all of the above and much more, so it's basically as legit as they come. One particular bop from Work It is Sabrina Carpenter's song "Let Me Move You." It's a jam that will have you impressed with Carpenter's ability to be both the lead actor and soundtrack contributor on the film, and obvi, it's going to make you want to groove.

Carpenter plays the lead role of Quinn in the film, and acts alongside other major stars like Liza Koshy (who plays her BFF Jas), Keiynan Lonsdale, Jordan Fisher, and Drew Ray Tanner. The movie documents Quinn's life as she stars a dance team with a rag-tag group of kids from her high school in an attempt to make her Duke University application more appealing.

With all the dance numbers packed into the movie, it makes sense that it also features a fire soundtrack. Not only are the routines paired set to bangers, but also, the background music of the film lends to the overall fun vibes.

Carpenter's song fits in perfectly with all of the other upbeat jams featured in Work It — and that's probably because the song was made especially for the film. "Let Me Move You" was teased in the background of the Work It trailer, which dropped on July 16. The song popped up again in the film itself, and now can be accessed in its entirety via YouTube or popular music streaming platforms like Spotify.

This isn't Carpenter's first dive into the world of music. The 21-year-old previously released singles including "Thumbs," "On My Way," and "Sue Me" — each of which have over 100 million Spotify listens.

With this jam, plus her killer acting skills and impressive dance moves, Carpenter is officially a tripe threat, so Hollywood should watch out.

Work It is on Netflix now.