'Riverdale' Confirmed This Major Theory About Chic's Father & Fans Are Rejoicing


The truth about Chic is finally out, Riverdale fans! Wednesday night's new episode was all about the creepy, mysterious new Cooper house guest, and all the theories that fans have been developing got addressed. One of the biggest moments came when Riverdale finally revealed who Chic's father is after nearly half a season of keeping it a mystery. There have been a few different theories about Chic's real dad, and the episode confirmed which of them was right all along.

Spoiler alert: This post contains details from Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19, "Prisoners." Ever since Chic first turned up in Riverdale, most fans were pretty sure that Hal Cooper was not his real father. We knew that Hal tried to pressure Alice into an abortion back when she found out she was pregnant with Chic in high school, and Alice kept Chic a secret from everyone after she gave birth to him at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home. On top of that, Hal did not hide his hatred at all towards Chic when he showed up at the Cooper house; the cold welcome did not exactly scream fatherly love.

Because of all this, the Riverdale fandom became abuzz with theories about Chic's real dad. The most popular theory of all pointed to F.P. Jones, since we know that Alice had a fling with him back in the day. Even though Alice denied that F.P. was Chic's dad in a recent episode, the new episode confirmed that the F.P. theory was indeed correct.

After finding out that Chic is really an imposter, and that her real son died either of a drug overdose or murdered by fake Chic, Alice totally falls apart, breaking down into tears over her guilt of not reaching out to her son sooner. Still in tears, Alice goes to F.P.'s house and declares: "No more secrets." Finally! Alice informs F.P. that she had his baby (he apparently did not know about this), but that he is now dead, confirming that Chic is an imposter. Clearly shocked and emotional, F.P. embraces Alice, giving the fans all the #Falice feel that we have been waiting seasons for!


But the love-fest ends pretty quickly, as Alice rushes back to her house to deal with the fallout of Chic's revelation: namely, how to break it to Hal that she can't turn Chic over to the cops since she helped him cover up a murder.

Luckily (I guess?), Betty knows just how to take care of Chic. She's been back in communication with her frenemy the Black Hood, and has agreed to hand Chic over to him. It looks like Chic's story on this show ends with the Black Hood chasing the imposter into the woods as Betty watches on, which also brings up another popular fan theory: Chic must not be the Black Hood, since we see them both in the same place and the Black Hood is set on killing Chic.

But let's get back to F.P. and Alice for a bit. Now that we know they really did have a child back when Alice was a Southside Serpent during their high school years, it could increase the chances of them getting back together in the series. After all, Alice and Hal have been rocky this whole season, and Alice has been growing closer to F.P. The new episode even ends on a note that suggests Hal could be the Black Hood, which would definitely not be great for his relationship with Alice if it turns out to be true.

And there's also still the chance that F.P. and Alice's son could still be alive. Even though Chic said that their son, Charles Smith, is dead, he is also a very convincing liar, and he said that they would never know the truth when denying that he murdered Charles. Could we get another prodigal son return on Riverdale?