There's A Huge Mystery About Chic On 'Riverdale' & Alice Cooper Finally Addressed It


Chic Cooper has been a huge mystery ever since he was first introduced on Riverdale after the midseason finale, and now we are finally starting to get some answers. In the latest episode, the Cooper family is finally addressing the question that fans have been debating for weeks now: Who is Chic's dad on Riverdale? Most of us guessed that Hal probably wasn't Chic's real father right away, but now Alice is shooting down the major fan theory surrounding the paternity mystery. But is Alice really telling the truth? And if not, then why is she lying? Let's break down all of this new information. Spoiler alert: This post will discuss details from Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 "Primary Colors," so don't read on if you haven't watched yet.

After Betty got back the results of Chic's blood test at the end of last week's episode, she confronted Chic over the fact that he did not share Cooper family blood. Like most fans had already been speculating about for weeks, the test confirmed that Hal is not Chic's father, but Alice still assured her daughter that she is Chic's mother. It's not exactly a bombshell for Riverdale fans — Hal's intense hatred of Chic had been super suspicious this whole time, and we also know that he wanted Alice to abort her pregnancy with Chic back in the day... it all added up to Alice having the baby with another man.

So, Chic having a mysterious, other father is now finally out in the open on the show. Luckily, once Betty learns the truth, her mind goes right to where every other Riverdale fan's went — could F.P. Jones be Chic's real father? Alice Cooper reminded fans that she and F.P. shared a romantic past in the new episode, and even just visually, Chic kind of looks like F.P. Betty put these clues together and asked her mom about the possibility of Chic being part Jones, but Alice flat-out denies it, quickly responding "Absolutely not."

Alice's response sounds like it puts to bed the biggest fan theory concerning Chic's paternity, but then again, should we be trusting Alice's denial? After all, F.P. Jones is the only real romantic fling that we know about from Alice's past, and Riverdale has been reminding fans about Alice's connection to the Southside Serpents and her chemistry with F.P. multiple times in recent episodes. If it's not F.P., then it sounds like Chic's dad will just wind up being some random stranger that we have no real investment in. Even though Alice told Betty that F.P. is "absolutely not" Chic's dad, I'm not fully convinced.

The next big question would be: If F.P. Jones really is Chic's dad, then why is Alice lying to Betty about it? Perhaps F.P. never knew and still does not know about his baby with Alice, and so Alice is denying the truth to keep him from finding out now — Betty would mostly definitely tell Jughead, after all. This theory seems plausible to me, especially considering the fact that Alice admitted herself into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy right after getting pregnant with Chic in order to give birth and put him up for adoption discreetly. Of course, if F.P. really is in the dark about all of this, the truth will likely be coming out pretty soon now that Chic and his weird, menacing stares are back in the Coopers' lives.

A big revelation about Chic being the son of Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones could also make things kind of weird within Betty and Jughead's relationship. With Alice divorcing Hal, she's free to rekindle her romance with F.P. It's all very "when Rufus and Lily started dating while Dan and Serena were also dating on Gossip Girl."