Ritu Arya's 'Umbrella Academy' Season 3 theories about Lila show how many different directions the c...

Ritu Arya Has Some Sinister Ideas For Lila In 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3

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Ritu Arya kind of had the same experience with her Umbrella Academy character Lila Pitts that every fan did in Season 2. When she landed the part, all she knew about Lila was she was a mischievous wildcard who may only be in an episode or two... but she quickly learned the same lesson everyone did at the end of the season: Lila is so much more than she seems. With so many huge secrets about Lila's life revealed at the end of Season 2, Ritu Arya's Umbrella Academy Season 3 theories about Lila emphasize just how many directions her unpredictable character could go in the future.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of The Umbrella Academy. As arguably the most important new character introduced in Season 2, Lila majorly shook things up for all the Hargreeves siblings. True to her evocative name, Lila lied so much throughout the season, it was hard to know when she was being genuine and when she was manipulating things once again. Keeping all the mistruths straight was difficult for Arya as well, and the actor had to put pen to paper to sort all the deceptions out. "I made a little chart of what Lila knows, what the audience knows, what the other characters know, what I know," Arya tells Elite Daily. "There are lots of different parts to that, and that was my little graph of knowledge."


In the end, the truth about Lila came out in an explosive fashion, and then Lila herself was hit with a painful truth bomb. After revealing she has the power to mimic all the Hargreeves' superpowers, Lila learned the truth about her parents' death: Her lifelong mother figure, the Handler, was responsible for their murder, not Five. Lila was left shellshocked by learning this truth, watching the Hargreeves kill the Handler, and then having the siblings welcome her into their family. Instead of joining up with them at the end of the season, Lila grabbed a time-traveling suitcase and disappeared.

So, where did Lila go? Arya is as in the dark as fans are, but she did mention a theory she likes, even if it is a bit improbable. "I think she could have gone anywhere to just get away from them. But I do like the idea that she’s gone to save her parents," Arya says, referencing a theory about Lila going back in time to prevent her parents' murder. "However, that would then mess up the timeline, so I don’t think she can do that."

Arya is even less sure about the chances of another major fan theory, which posits Lila may be part of the mysterious Sparrow Academy revealed at the end of Season 2. Instead of joining up with another group, Arya thinks Lila would be more inclined to form her own superhero (or supervillain) team in Season 3. "She could go really dark and super evil, or she could become really soft and sweet," Arya says. "I think the great thing about Lila is she’s got this hard exterior but she’s really fragile and troubled inside, so she could swing either way. Or maybe she creates her own Lila Academy. She’s pretty narcissistic."

While Netflix has yet to officially pick up a third season of The Umbrella Academy, Arya says the renewal is "looking likely," so fans can look forward to Lila shaking things up even more soon enough. And don't say Arya didn't warn you about the Lila Academy if she comes back as the leader of a whole team of superpowered followers.

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