Umbrella Academy

Here's Everything We Know About Lila, The 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Newcomer

by Ani Bundel

The Umbrella Academy has moved for Season 2. But it's not a matter of where things have gone, but when. All seven members (well, six members and Ben's ghost) have been scattered across the early 1960s, and each found their way to connect to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Whether it's working for Jack Ruby, like Luther, or trying to get the president to recognize the Civil Rights movement, like Allison, everyone is involved — Diego probably most of all. His storyline leads to a sanitarium, where he meets a woman named Lila. But who is Lila in The Umbrella Academy? Turns out, she's not just a patient.

Warning: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 follow. When Lila attached herself to Diego and lent a hand in escaping from the sanitarium, it seemed like he found a solid companion. She talked about intrusive thoughts and told him how she was traumatized at age four when her parents were murdered. And her attachment to Diego seemed genuine, as did their nascent love affair.

But while Diego slept, Lila slipped out and retrieved a key left for her, a key that unlocked a hotel room. There, she announced she was ordering room service — and out stepped the Handler, Five's nemesis from the Commission. "Of course, darling," the Handler replied.

Lila was not exactly lying to Diego about her past: An elderly Commission assassin murdered her parents. What she left out was that the Handler was there and, hearing her whimper, rescued the girl. Since then, she had been raised to be a Commission assassin, and a good one. It's why she was perplexed her current job wasn't to kill. Instead, it was to protect Five, and the people she was protecting him from were other Commission assassins — namely, the Swedes.


But Lila didn't know the whole story. The Handler was working wheels within wheels, all to gain power back at the Commission ever since she was busted down to Five's old desk after the disastrous events of Season 1. Really, she was having Lila protect Five while setting up the Swedes to believe Diego murdered one of their own. She told Five to murder the entire Commission board of directors. Then, she pulled every Commission assassin off their regular beats to execute him for killing the board of directors.

But most damningly, she doctored the paperwork in Lila's file to make it look like Five killed her parents, on the orders of AJ, the fish-director who took her position when she was demoted. To be clear, Five did kill them, but it's not personal: He's an assassin; he kills a lot of people. But he did it on the Handler's orders, not AJ's, and all because she wanted to get her hands on Lila.


Why would the Handler want Lila? It turns out, Lila is a powered person, just like the Five, Diego, and their siblings.

Remember, The Monocle didn't make seven children. He made 43. He only got his hands on seven of them; some of the others, the parents weren't willing to give up, and others, he simply couldn't find. Lila was one of those other 36 babies born on Oct. 1, 1989. She's a lost member of the Umbrella Academy. The Handler used her to fight Five, figuring the only way to fight fire was with fire.

Sadly, Lila didn't get confirmation the Handler was using her. The final Swede, realizing he'd been duped, killed the Handler before she could confess and laugh at Lila's tears. In her grief, Lila grabbed a briefcase, and time traveled away. Fans can only hope she'll be back if there's an Umbrella Academy Season 3.