Rihanna's Crop Over Festival Outfit Is The Look Of The Century, Complete With Bantu Knots & Feathers

When you're a celeb as stylish as Rihanna, you're expected to serve looks on the daily, but that doesn't mean our girl won't kick things up a notch for special occasions and nail it every darn time. ICYMI, Rihanna's Crop Over Festival 2019 outfit was one of her all-time best — which is saying a lot, considering the looks she's worn to the parade over the past three years have each been iconic in their own right. How did she outdo herself this year, you ask? Four words. Bantu knots and feathers. That's it; that's the look.

Never heard of the Grand Kadooment Parade? It's a celebration in Barbados that signifies the end of the Crop Over Festival Season, filled with masquerade bands, music, and wild costumes. Think full-on carnival vibes! Of course, RiRi is alllllll about this massive event, and every year she shows up to slay. Like, if they renamed the celebration the Grand Rihanna Parade, I think no one would be mad. Anyway, the only downside to Rihanna serving looks at Kadooment every year is that there are no Getty photogs on site, just Barbadians ready to party, so catching a glimpse of her ensemble if you're not there IRL is hard.

Thank goodness for Twitter, as attendees made sure to keep the rest of the world updated on RiRi's fit:

Ummm, hi. The bantu knots? The lime green eyeshadow? The bedazzled oval sunnies? The pink, pink, she said PINK feathers? Be still, my Rihanna-loving heart.

Our girl really delivered this year, and this feathered fit is truly one for the books:

One Twitter user nailed the vibe, calling Rih's outfit a "sexy Elton John" homage:

In the past, Rihanna has almost always opted for a bikini-like look at Kadooment, complete with crystallized embellishments and a matching headpiece. Slight variations of this look have become our queen's go-to, but I'm really loving that she shook things up this year. I mean, come on? 2019's look just takes this whole thing to an other-worldly level.

To be clear, her prior Kadooment fits were simply stunning:

As a beauty-lover, the lime green eye is giving me all sorts of inspo, but the clear star of the show is her hairstyle. Rihanna in bantu knots is a beautiful thing, people.

It's not the first time the star has donned the protective style — this green-lipped look from 2014 is hard to forget! So good:

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Per Ebony, bantu knots originated back in the 1800s created and were popularized by African women. The knots are a fab protective style that look incredible on their own, but they can also be step one in a bantu knot-out look, for which the style is removed to reveal bouncy curls. Perhaps we'll see said curls on Rihanna soon, or she'll rock the knots for a while longer. Obvi, she'll kill it either way!

In conclusion, I now declare Rihanna the Queen of Crop Over Festival:

Please bow to your queen.