Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo's Astrological Compatibility Proves That Opposites Attract

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Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are undoubtedly one of the cutest Bachelorette success stories. Lindsay gave Abasolo the final rose during her season of the hit show, and the couple is still together and going strong. While they did get engaged on the finale, they haven't set a wedding date — yet. (Let's be honest, they're probably holding out for a wedding special, not that I blame them.) But is there another reason they haven’t tied the knot yet? The answer to that may actually lie in Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's astrological compatibility.

Let me explain. Lindsay was born April 21 under the sign of Taurus, and Abasolo’s birthday is Feb. 15, making him an Aquarius — a very unique and uncommon pairing. The reason this is surprising is because these two signs are very opposite, and not always in the “opposites attract” way. In fact, Taurus and Aquarius tend to butt heads at best — or actively avoid one another at worst. As you can imagine, any Taurus/Aquarius couple is sure to have its share of struggles (and then some). However, that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s impossible for a Bull and Water Bearer couple to make it work. Love may not conquer all, but it can definitely put its thumb on the scale. Here’s what we can guess about Lindsay and Abasolo’s relationship based on their zodiac signs.

Where they struggle to connect.

Taurus and Aquarius are not an easy match — mostly because they just don't see eye-to-eye on many things — and they have very different expectations of what a relationship should be like. Taurus wants security and stability, whereas Aquarius isn’t really in a rush to settle down. (Or at least, they can come off this way.) This can be really triggering for Taurus who, in turn, can either shut down completely or try and hold on tighter. Neither of these are effective ways to hold on to an Aquarius, who requires a lot of confidence from their partner and plenty of space to do their own thing.

They also have totally different ways of viewing the world in general. Aquarius, being an air sign, tends to see the world more intellectually and is focused on ideas and humanitarian causes. Taurus, on the other hand, is a very grounded earth sign who's driven by sensual comfort and pragmatism and wants to feel safe, secure, and — if possible — have a little luxury in their lives. To Aquarius, that focus on material things can feel confining to their freedom, and they'll often look for the nearest exit. In essence, they are just very different kinds of people who usually find very little to connect on.

How they can still make it work.

Just because they have very little in common doesn’t automatically mean the relationship is doomed and love is dead. There are some ways that they can actually negotiate the pain points and even turn their differences into strengths in the relationship. For example, Aquarius really struggles with expressing their feelings. It's not that this water sign doesn’t have them (believe me they do), but they just can't quite say what they're feeling. Taurus, on the other hand, has absolutely no issue saying what is in their heart, and in turn can actually help Aquarius feel safe and loved enough to open up a bit and more quickly than they normally do.

They also can complement each other by compensating for each others weaknesses. My best friend and I call this the Bert and Ernie principal. Every couple has a Bert and an Ernie — one who brings the structure, and one who brings the fun. Taurus and Aquarius are the ultimate Bert and Ernie, respectively. For instance, Aquarius can bring new and exciting experiences to Taurus’ life, and Taurus can help Aquarius with the practical, day-to-day life that they tend to let fall by the wayside. If they can find a balance, these signs have hopes for a bright future.

Their greatest strength as a couple.

There is one area in particular where these two have no problems at all, and that’s (you guessed it!) in the bedroom. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is highly sensual and lives for physical touch. And Aquarius, for all their high-mindedness, is not afraid to get primal and freaky when it comes to horizontal fun times. A great sex life can really help smooth over the rough patches between these two. It’s actually pretty easy for them to keep the passion burning bright, which again, bodes well for the longevity of their romance.

While only time will tell which way Lindsay and Abasolo’s relationship will go, all signs point to them successfully overcoming the difficulties in their astrological compatibility. Fingers crossed they make it — and that we get that wedding spinoff. Come on ABC, make it happen! (After picking Colton as the new Bachelor, you kind of owe us. Just sayin.’)

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