'The Bachelorette's Rachel & Bryan's Body Language Has Changed A Lot Over Time
by Candice Jalili
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One of the most simultaneously wonderful and terrifying things about being in a relationship, in my opinion, is the fact that it will inevitably change with time. Not only will you change as individuals but, as time goes on, the dynamic of your relationship will go through all sort of shifts. Even couples who met on The Bachelorette aren't immune to these sorts of changes. In fact, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo's body language since meeting on her season of The Bachelorette proves that the couple has undergone many changes in their dynamic since she gave him that first impression rose in 2017.

According to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point, the couple's body language has changed a lot since we first saw them together on our television screens over a year ago. Rather than growing apart, Brown points out that Lindsay and Abasolo's body language indicates that "they have grown together." In fact, she believes that the future holds nothing but greatness for the soon to be married couple. "I think it’s cute how they seem to get closer as time goes on," she says. Take a look below at the glorious images that made Brown so confident about The Bachelorette couple's relationship.

In the beginning, their dynamic was a little off.

Just because Lindsay gave him the first impression rose doesn't mean she was totally down from the get-go. "[This picture] shows her leaning away so she’s not as into him at that moment," says Brown. "Just scoping the situation out. He’s putting lots of energy into her though!"

By the time he proposed, they were having lots of fun together.

After looking at their engagement picture, Brown couldn't help but notice how happy the couple looked. "They are just both having such a good time," she says. "He's getting the ring out and she's reaching for him or it. We don't know which. But the way you do anything is the way you do everything. So I'd say that they've got a good chance at a fun-filled marriage!"

He's still getting used to the spotlight, but he's got her there by his side for strength.
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Abasolo is doing the same thing in both of the above pictures. Can you guess what it is? OK, fine, I'll let Brown tell you. "He stands with his hand in his pocket frequently on the red carpet," she explains. "So he’s not quite comfortable there. But he leans into her for support with a big smile."

Oh, and don't you worry. He's still definitely got her back as well.
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"She’s steady as a rock through the pics," says Brown. "But notice how in [this picture] he’s not comfortable at all. His hand is behind him and no smile. But he’s still got her!"

Things have really changed since they first met.
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This picture here is from one of their most recent public appearances together and Brown is a big fan. "It shows how much she’s changed from the first," she says. "See how her arm is wrapped around his and her hand is on his leg? That’s ownership. Don’t take her man! And his hand is wrapped around her thigh, too."

So, yeah, it looks like they've definitely come a long way since that first impression rose. Congrats to the happy couple and here's to hoping they continue growing in the same direction!

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