Astrology Reveals The Secret To Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip's 71-Year Marriage

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If you've watched The Crown, you know that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip aren't necessarily the most obvious match. He's a little rebellious and enjoys pushing boundaries, while Elizabeth likes to keep things traditional, classy, and by-the-rules. The two have had their ups and downs, but have stuck together through through 71 years of marriage. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's zodiac signs offer some inside scoop into the workings of their relationship. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on April 21, 1926 makes her sun sign a Taurus, while Prince Philip’s birthday on June 10, 1921 makes his sun sign a Gemini.

To understand further how each of their sun signs play a part in their relationship, I spoke to Annabel Gat, horoscopes writer for Broadly. She noted that the pair isn't necessarily a slam-dunk couple.

"Taurus and Gemini aren’t famous for the compatibility — insecurity issues often flare up on the Taurus’ end, and Gemini thinks Taurus is a total enigma, but ... there is so much more to compatibility than sun signs, and that any signs can be compatible," Gat tells Elite Daily. "These two signs can be wildly creative together and can share the funniest sense of humor."

"Taurus is quite indulgent, but has a higher tolerance than Gemini does," Gat says. "For example, a Taurus might easily eat plenty of candy, but Gemini will get a sugar high to end all sugar highs— mutable Gemini is just so much more sensitive (and even nervous) than fixed Taurus. Balance is an important part of their relationship." And any relationship, for that matter. This could potentially play out in how they resolve anger or arguments together.

But, at the end of the day, Gat admits that there's so much more to compatibility than solely the sun signs of two people in a relationship.

"Any sign can get along," she says. "No two signs are more compatible than any others. Chemistry depends on so much more, like the whole birth charts, and more importantly the maturity, intention and heart of the people involved." So even if Taurus and Gemini aren't traditionally an ideal romantic match, Elizabeth and Philip have found some way to make their personalities work together, right?

And while these two royals may not have the strongest, most blatantly romantic bond, they've lasted in a partnership spanning decades through various family scandals, world events, and surely, personal situations. Even if their two sun signs aren't always the ones you'd think of as two who are #RelationshipGoals, Elizabeth and Philip have been married for the majority of their lives and built a family together. So clearly something clicked for the two of them. Plus, we have them to thank for adorable Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and just-born Prince Louis.

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