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This Virtual Escape Room Is The Key To Upgrading Your Next Game Night

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Right now, virtually spending time with your people is easier than ever. Some squads have weekly movie nights, while others have weekend brunch on Zoom to catch up with long-distance friends. When it's time to plan your next game night, you might want to switch things up with Puzzle Break's virtual escape room. Pretty much, you and your friends, family, or coworkers can enjoy all the fun of a typical escape room without leaving the cozy oasis you call home.

All you need is your computer in order to play. The virtual escape room will have everything else you expect, from the story to the puzzles. If you've done a million escape rooms with your best friends before, this is your chance to try something new.

If you're totally new to the whole experience, this is a great opportunity to see what all the hype surrounding escape rooms is about. Though, no matter what your experience level may be, booking a virtual escape room is a fun excuse to spend time with anyone you miss who's long-distance, or an easy Saturday night activity for when your squad doesn't want to switch out of their loungewear.

From Puzzle Break's escape room's name — "The Grimm Escape" — you can already get a sense of what kind of fairytale fun you'll be getting yourself into. According to the event description on their website, the story revolves around an enchanted forest that has been recently cursed by a witch. It's up to you and your escape room crew to answer the puzzles to try and lift the curse within a time frame.

The game has the same name as the escape room you can visit at Puzzle Break in Long Island, NY, but the virtual edition is a totally different game. That means if you've tried the room before, the virtual version will be a brand new challenge for you.

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Each room requires at least three players, and the price per player is $25. Multiple people can work off of the same computer, but each person playing must pay for themselves. Puzzle Break's virtual rooms use Zoom for communication, so you'll be able to live chat and see everyone while solving the puzzles. For booking times, check out Puzzle Break's website, which shows that "The Grimm Escape: Virtual Edition" is available every day of the week. That means you can book an after work escape room for your coworkers on a Wednesday, or something on a Saturday night for a fun virtual birthday party.

Each room also comes with a live Game Host who will help guide the game for your crew. This event is also private, so only your group will be allowed into your game room at your selected time. Also, don't worry if you're having a tough time wrangling everyone to book all together. You can always add players after booking the room, so last minute additions are totally acceptable.

Each game is 90 minutes long, so you'll have plenty of time to try to solve the puzzles. It's also recommended via Puzzle Break's frequently asked questions that your crew shows up to your virtual Zoom room at least five to 10 minutes before the designated start time. That way, you can settle in, chat, and get on the same page before the game kicks off.

Just like any regular escape room, your friends might want to snap a photo at the end, especially for the 'Gram. Take a screenshot of your entire crew cheesing, whether you completed all the puzzles or not. It's the memories and fun you share with your friends that's the real key, after all.

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