Princess Eugenie's Wedding Makeup Was Similar To Meghan Markle's, But Closer To Another Royal's

by Stephanie Montes
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The way I see it, Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle have a lot more in common than we think. Although we keep a closer eye on Markle here in America, Eugenie shares similar taste in style (especially when it comes to hair and makeup) as the Duchess of Sussex. And now it's Eugenie's time to have her moment in the bridal spotlight and to be honest, it feels a little bit like a wedding-day déjà vu. Here's a look at Princess Eugenie's wedding makeup vs. Meghan Markle's wedding makeup, because I myself can't stop staring.

We all watched as Meghan Markle's famous (not to mention historically significant) wedding unfolded in real time and instantly, I noticed that the Duchess of Sussex opted for a no-makeup makeup look. The entire world watched as she recited her vows through a sheer layer of foundation that showed off her natural wedding-day glow, a face of adorable freckles, and a natural-looking lip. Her eyes sparkled in a subtle daytime smoky look and groomed brows. Even her lashes looked natural — if she wore falsies, they were a wispy, subtle pair, but honestly, she might've just opted for a few single extensions. While some viewers may have screamed at their TVs wishing Meghan Markle had worn a dramatic cut crease, sharp cat eye, bold lip, and a contour to go down in history, the bride opted for something a little more her style. After all, it was her wedding, people.

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Considering Princess Eugenie and Meghan Markle both share an affinity for a nude lip and natural-looking foundation, one could only imagine that the Duchess of Sussex's bridal beauty is an obvious indicator of what we might see from the Princess bride. And as it turns out, we were right...kind of.

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Eugenie walked down the aisle at St. Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle (the same place Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were married) in a similarly fresh, glowing, and barely there makeup look, but she amped it up a bit.

Eugenie opted for a soft, diffused foundation that showed off her porcelain skin with little-to-no contour. The apple of her cheeks boasted a rosy glow that matched the subtle pink flush on her lips with a hint of shine, the Duchess of Sussex wore much less color on her big day. Just like Markle's wedding eyeshadow, Eugenie wore a subtle daytime smoky eye, however she had much more of a dramatic flutter — Eugenie's lower lash line especially was much more defined than Markle's. Finally, her brows were worn bold and groomed to perfection.

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Although Eugenie's hair looked almost identical to Meghan Markle's wedding 'do (with face-framing tendrils and a low chignon), her wedding-day makeup looked much more similar to Kate Middleton's. The Duchess of Cambridge also wore a rosy cheek, bold brows, and a defined lash line on her royal moment.

It seems as though Eugenie took inspiration from both brides and recreated certain aspects of each to create a look all her own. Whether you were Team Kate or Team Meghan initially, it's obvious you're now also a member of Team Eugenie.