Here's How To Recreate Meghan Markle's Elegant Wedding Day Makeup & It's Simple

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I'm sure you already know that the royal wedding took place earlier today, on Saturday, May 19. And while Prince Harry was definitely looking his best, Meghan Markle looked totally and utterly gorgeous, in classic Meghan Markle fashion. Like, she might've actually been sparkling. Er, was she glowing? Seriously, I don't know, I couldn't really tell. If you want to be blown away, though, play back the ceremony and see for yourself. And, if you want to copy her look (because seriously, why wouldn't you want to?), here's how to recreate Meghan Markle's wedding day makeup. It's downright flawless, and you'll look like a queen.

While Markle's wedding dress was nothing short of breathtaking, her picture-perfect makeup completely stole the show. Seriously, I have no idea how she looks so effortlessly amazing on a regular basis, it almost pains me. Let's just take a second to applaud her flawless skin tone, neatly lined eyes, and voluminous lashes. Then, we can gaze at her perfectly colored and lined lips, and drool over the best contouring job in all the world. The best part of all? Markle looked like I'm sure she felt: 1,000 percent herself. Markle looked like a goddess, and I seriously can't handle any of it. Her makeup was absolutely amazing.

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But if you want to know how you can recreate her look, I've done a little digging, and have figured out what products you'll need. These might not be (and probably aren't) the same exact same products that Markle used on her own luscious face, but trust me — you'll be able to almost entirely steal her look in seconds. BRB, I'll just be maxing out all of my cards on Amazon.

Let's start out by recreating her eye makeup. First, I would get this brown L'Oréal pencil eyeliner, which only costs $7.57. She doesn't wear a lot, but using a little bit on the top and bottom is always important, especially while recreating her look. Then, to achieve her level of eyelash volume, I'd snag this Maybelline Falsies mascara, which only costs $4.93. There's a chance she's wearing eyelash extensions, so getting some Falsies mascara for extra volume is vital. Then, I'd get this NOMAD x Havana eyeshadow, for only $12. Again, her eyeshadow is very subtle, but you will want to use a little bit. It's easy as pie. If you're looking for more shadow, though, try this darker mPrincess shimmer eyeshadow. The name is super fitting, and it's only $7.

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As you can see, Markle's lips are an adorable light pink color, so to recreate her lip look, I'd start out by snagging this Revlon ColorStay lip liner, which only costs $5.09. Again, I wouldn't use it in excess, but a little lipliner is definitely mandatory. Then, I'd follow up with this NYX Gumdrop lipstick, which only costs $8.49. Her lips totally pop, so getting the lips right is incredible important. Finally, I'd top it off with this Neutrogena Moistureshine lipgloss, for only $5.59. Clearly, lipgloss is not a trend of the '90s, as exemplified by Markle's wedding day look.

And finally, recreating her contouring job could be tough, but it's important to get the job done. Also, make sure to get whichever skin tone works best for you. For my skin tone, I'd start out by getting this L.A. Girl Pro Conceal concealer for $2.38, just to cover up any dark circles or blemishes. Then, I'd snag this Maybelline foundation to even out my skin tone, for only $5.46. Finally, to accentuate your cheekbones, I'd snag this e.l.f. Sunkissed Glow bronzer for $4.00, this Milani Baked Blush for $6.97, and this e.l.f. Baked highlighter, for only $2.99. Getting Markle's wedding day look really isn't too expensive — you just have to look for the right products.

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I'll never forget the day of Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding. Even though I was watching it on a low-grade TV monitor in my 11th grade history class, I remember how Kate Middleton's wedding-day look. From her perfect makeup to her regal gown and sparkling tiara, she looked seriously amazing. guess I'll be saving her makeup tutorial for another day, though.

While Markle looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day, I'm beyond elated that it's somewhat possible to steal her look... I mean really, she looked like a gem. Watch out world, I'll probably be wearing this look every freaking day.