Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are An Astrological Match, According To Their Moon Signs

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The announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement brought to mind many questions for their future. How much was the ring? Where will the wedding take place? What will she wear? Why are we so obsessed with the royal family, and how in the f*ck is Prince Harry getting married before me? But for astrology lovers, our first question was naturally, what is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's zodiac signs compatibility? Well, the first thing to note is that Prince Harry was born Sept. 15, making him a Virgo, and Markle was born Aug. 4, making her a Leo.

Virgo and Leo aren't traditionally thought to be a compatible pair in the zodiac, but they can work, depending on other factors in their charts, such as their Mars, Venus, and moon signs. One thing to also pay attention to is their rising signs, because those can play a huge part in compatibility. If you've read my articles you've already gotten schooled in what all these factors mean in someone's chart, but for those of you who are new to this, have no fear, we'll go over it all for you, too. Here's what looks good, and what might be problematic when it comes to Prince Harry and Markle's zodiac sign long- and short-term compatibility.

Sun Signs: Leo and Virgo

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Let's begin with their sun signs, because even though fire (Leo) and earth (Virgo) are so different, these two might actually work out. Virgo comes after Leo in the zodiac, and like any couple that falls one right after the other in the zodiac, they have a lot to learn from one another. The older, wiser life lessons that accompany being a Virgo (responsibility and efficiency) are passed on to Leo, and Leo in turn teaches Virgo how to relax and have fun. As long as these two are willing and open to learning from each other, they'll remain together — but this depends on their willingness to grow as individuals.

Rising Signs: Cancer and Capricorn

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The rising signs play somewhat of a superficial part in compatibility, because they represent who the couple appears to be on a public level. has a running list of celebrity's rising signs, and it was easy to find Markle and Prince Harry's. Markle's rising sign is Cancer, and Prince Harry's rising sign is Capricorn.

These two are opposites, which is a beautiful indication in astrology for a romantic relationship. Cancer is all about the home and the family, and Capricorn is as well, but from a different angle. Capricorn is about making money and creating stability in the outside world in order to make the home a stable place, and Cancer is about creating a loving, nurturing atmosphere from which to launch oneself out into the public eye.

Moon Signs: Libra and Taurus

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The moon signs represent a couple's emotional compatibility, who they are together when no one is looking, their subconscious fears and the way they react to new situations. Meghan's moon is in Libra — a social butterfly, romantic, loving, charming and fair. Libra is a sign that's imbued with the energy of the planet Venus, as is Taurus, which happens to be Prince Harry's moon sign. Having a couple whose moon signs share a planetary ruler like Venus (the planet of love and relationships) is an indication of a relationship that gets along nicely. There won't be much fighting and when there are disagreements, the couple will strive to be civil, because being civil is what's most comfortable for both.

Overall it seems like these two really were made for each other, and that their union actually was written in the stars. I, for one, am super excited to see this wedding happen!