Harry & Meghan Look Way Closer Than Will & Kate Do After The Reported Feud

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The Festival of Remembrance took place in London on Nov. 9, and it was a major outing for the British royal family. Notably, it was the first time the two princes and their wives have been at a public event together since the release of the ITV documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which aired Oct. 20 in the UK. Luckily, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Festival of Remembrance body language suggests they're doing just fine.

According to body language expert and author of Persuasion Point, Traci Brown, the dynamic between Harry and Meghan appears intimate, especially when compared with the chemistry between Prince William and Kate Middleton. "Kate and William look bored," she explained when looking at the larger group image below. "Harry and Meghan look like they have a lot closer connection."

What leads Brown to believe that Meghan and Harry are the closer pair? "They're standing closer and have a slightly happier look on their face, especially Meghan," she explained, adding that William and Kate were "seated very far apart, which doesn't speak well of their relationships as a couple."

Brown took a deeper dive into the body language of both couples at the event below.

William and Kate's general vibe is pretty awkward.

Kate and William weren't quite vibing at the same level as Harry and Meghan throughout the big night.

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At first glance, this picture may appear to depict the two engaged in an intimate moment. But Brown says there's a little tension between them when you look at it more carefully.

"It looks like they're sharing a private word," she says. "William has both hands over his torso so he's not too comfortable in this moment."

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William may have been the more guarded one in that first picture, but it's Kate who's trying to protect herself here.

Brown notes that Kate is holding her purse in front of her. "She's now the one who's guarded and doesn't really like what William has to say," Brown shares. "She's smiling, so I'm thinking he's joking around just a tad too much for her."

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Additionally, Kate appears peeved in this picture — but Brown says the person annoying her may not be William.

"Wow, we don't see this look from Kate much," says Brown. "See those eyebrows? She's not entirely happy with whoever is speaking. She's curious, though, as revealed by her head tilt."

On the other hand, Meghan and Harry are cute as can be.

While Brown senses a bit of awkward tension between William and Kate, she has nothing but praises to sing about Harry and Meghan.

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"This one is cute," says Brown. "They've got their heads leaning towards each other, both smiling at whatever they're looking at. They're on the same page for sure."

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"Here's harry playing with his coat again," says Brown. "This is his habit when he's nervous. And Meghan looks radiant with her big smile. She's angled towards Harry, so that's where her attention is, but her hands are to her side, which means she's very open to the situation."

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The two may be standing further apart from one another in this picture, but Brown maintains that they are still totally in sync.

"They're mirroring each other here," she says. "See how they both have a hand in front of them? So they're both guarding a bit, but they're on the same page."

Brown concludes that Harry and Meghan's body language appears "tight." On and off the red carpet, this couple has each other's backs.