Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s 2018 Christmas Card Body Language Is Merry & Bright

by Korey Lane
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's the most wonderful time of the year, my friends, and I'm not talking about Christmas or the holidays at all, really. I'm talking about the time of year when the British royals release their annual Christmas cards, and the world collectively gasps in amazement at how flawless they are. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first Christmas card together as husband and wife has arrived, and it's just as beautiful as you'd expect. In fact, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2018 Christmas card body language shows just how happy the two are to be together.

Obviously, Meghan and Harry have had a whirlwind year — from Meghan moving to London, to getting married, to joyfully announcing their pregnancy to the world. But as the year winds down, it seems clear that the newlyweds are reflecting back on what was surely the best day of their lives, and doing so in style.

The photo accompanying their Christmas card, released by the Kensington Palace Instagram account, shows the Meghan and Harry standing close together on their wedding day, admiring the fireworks display in their honor, and looking perfect. It's an amazing photo, but is there more to it than just an attractive couple?

According to body language experts, the answer is yes.

OK, obviously the photo is amazing, and the two seem super happy, even from the back. "One of the most beautiful insights from this photo is that they are saying to the world 'our love is wondrous,'" body language expert Patti Wood tells Elite Daily. Additionally, Wood says that the photo shows that the Duke and Duchess "share with each other privately, while the world sees just the fireworks that are generated from that love at the core." Overall, "it’s a beautifully symbolic photo."

The symbolic nature of the photo isn't the only thing that makes it special. Wood points out "the way they have their arms fully around each other, and he keeps his feet wide and confident but leans toward her with some of his weight." Based on Harry's posture, Wood says that "he has so much energy," and that his body language truly "shows that energy and joy he has for their love."

Truly, their Christmas card photo indicates that these two have the kind of relationship the rest of the world dreams of. "See how closely they're holding each other, stuck together at the seems, gently angled in," body language expert Traci Brown tells Elite Daily. "His feet are far apart, giving them both stability while fireworks are around them."

Meghan and Harry definitely seem built to last, and while their lives are certainly going to change soon with the arrival of their new baby, their body language proves they're the type of couple that can handle anything. "Could it get more perfect?" Brown asks. "Nope. This is what you see from couples that are going to last." The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are adorable, happy, and totally in love, and the body language on their Christmas card proves it, fireworks and all.

Victoria Warnken/Elite Daily