This Update On Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Reported Christmas Plans Will Devastate Royal Family Fans

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Although last December, Meghan and Harry spent the holidays sleeping at Kate and Williams' 10 bedroom Anmer Hall residence, recent reports speculating that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t spending Christmas with Prince William and Kate Middletonare only partially true. Sources predict that though the entire Royal Family will in fact spend Christmas Day together, Harry and Meghan will be sleeping in the main house with the Queen and other extended family, a short distance from William and Kate's residence, where the newlyweds stayed last year.

This Christmas news seems to be adding fire to rumors about a growing dispute between the Duchesses, that both Buckingham Palace and Kate herself continue to shut down. Though some may suspect that Harry and Meghan switching up where they're sleeping as a result of tension between the Duchesses, the couple staying over with the Queen isn't really out of the ordinary. Elite Daily has reached out to reps for both couples at Kensington Palace for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

What we do know is that even though the Fab Four may not be under the same roof this Christmas, it doesn't necessarily indicate that there's any bad blood among them.

Marriage changed the game.

Though Harry and Meghan spent last Christmas at William and Kate's, their location change this year was reportedly mainly inspired by their wedding. Last year sources say the Royal Family broke tradition last year in even inviting Meghan to Christmas as she and Harry weren't yet married. For the Duchess of Sussex to also crash at the Queen's may have been a little too modern. Which we know is definitely #off brand for the Mountbatten-Windsors. Sources speculated that the couple staying with William and Kate was a more appropriate arrangement for the Royal Family, providing a way to include Meghan without rejecting all past tradition. After Meghan and Harry's wedding, her invitation to stay in the main house for holidays soon followed. In fact, sources claim that for this year, it would be strange for the pair to not stay at the main house with the Queen. Now that the marriage is official, it's expectant that the pair would stay with the Queen. Kate and William will spend Christmas eve with their three kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis, at their own home, Anmer Hall. They will then spend Christmas Day festivities with their entire family.

Meghan's mom Doria reportedly won't be present.
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Throughout Meghan's childhood, Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland would spend the holidays volunteering at soup kitchens and bringing turkeys to homeless shelters around Los Angeles. Though speculation of Meghan's mom joining the royal family for Christmas came out this fall, some sources say a formal invitation was never confirmed. Harper's Bazaar speculated that Doria reportedly won't be joining her daughter or the royal family for Christmas and will continue to spend the holidays in her home of sunny California.

Wherever she's sleeping, Meghan's def on the nice list.
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No matter which castle Meghan is spending Christmas Eve at this year, Santa is bound to leave her plenty of presents. The Duchess' passion for social justice and dedication to community have only fortified as she continues to make her way into the British history books. As the first person of color within the Royal Family, Meghan continually heightens representation of empowered women of color and opens dialogue about racial identity across the political and celebrity spectrums. Meghan has proudly spoken about reproductive justice efforts in Ireland, and continues to be a role model for young people about gender equality.

As women in power continue to make headlines, there will be no shortage of rumors of competition or quarrels. Yet this Christmas, Meghan and Prince Harry's holiday plans are less about looming hostility and more about post-marriage hospitality. The Royal family may be sleeping at different spots this Christmas season, but that's no reason to assume that there's any conflict.