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Priceline's New Feature Helps Spring Breakers Score High-Rated Hotels For Cheap

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If you're currently prepping for spring break and packing colorful flip flops, swimsuits, and sunnies into a carry-on, then you're likely learning one lesson: This electrifying week can get expensive. Within a few clicks or taps, you can do serious damage to your budget — especially if you want to stay in a hotel that has amenities and tons of Insta-worthy spots. Enter, Priceline's Pricebreakers feature. This new feature helps you stay in a high-rated hotel for cheap.

After opening your laptop, heading to the Priceline website, and tapping a few buttons, you can guarantee you're getting the very best experience at the very best price. You don't have to worry about what other guests thought of their experience there, or if you did the prior research required to have the spring break trip of your dreams. What you care about most as a traveler — and a student who wants some rest and relaxation — will be taken into consideration. Everything from free Internet access to an outdoor swimming pool will be noted, and then used to generate accommodation options that fit your needs and ultimate vision.

The best part? These options will be presented to you with a low price tag and a sort-of suprise reveal. Let's get more into Pricebreakers and how it works, so you know exactly what to expect.


Pricebreakers can be accessed on the Priceline website or on mobile web. To use the feature, type in your destination and the dates you're looking to travel. From there, Priceline will show you its classic list of hotel options, where you can select a chic property of your choice, explore it, and then book it — if you so choose. If you want to get an epic deal on a hotel, though, you'll want to click the tab that reads "Pricebreakers" near the top of the screen and enter the world of trendy accommodations and budget-friendly listings.

According to the official press release, this screen will show you multiple groupings of three high-rated hotels in the destination you're searching for. The catch is, all three hotels will be listed under one incredibly low price. You'll notice the groupings are based off of hotels in the same area — such as Times Square in New York City — or have the same amenities, like an outdoor pool. Some will be put together solely because they have a similar customer rating. (Although, it's important to note that every hotel listed on Priceline has a customer rating of over 7.0.)

At this point, you'll want to select a grouping that looks most fitting for you based on its price, amenities, pictures, and more. You may want to scroll through the individual hotels in the grouping and what's included with each before making a decision. Be prepared that you may end up with any of the three hotels in the grouping after you hit the "book" button.

Once you've made your decision and have been coached through the checkout page, which hotel property you're actually going to be staying at for the low price will be revealed. So this feature comes with a little bit of a surprise that you have to be willing to buy into. It does give you detailed information, though, to help you make a decision and score you a hotel room that's sweet and cheap.


For example, it gives you a glance into customer reviews, what the hotel looks like, and where it's located. It also doesn't include any hotels that are poorly rated in the first place, to ensure you have a comfortable and rewarding experience. Pricebreakers comes with a very thoughtful feature where you can select certain amenities, locations within your destination, and other desires, to curate your groupings even more to your liking.

It's really thought of it all, and sends your worry of finding a sweet — yet cheap — hotel into the waves. Take advantage of Pricebreakers now, and watch your budget go into #springbreakmode.