Pillsbury Released Unicorn-Themed Cake Mix & Frosting

Courtesy of Pillsbury

By now, it's safe to say that unicorn-themed food isn't going anywhere (and I'm beyond OK with that). Whether you hopped on the magical unicorn train a few years ago or a few hours ago, you'll be thrilled to hear about Pillsbury's new Unicorn Strawberry Cake Mix and Vanilla Frosting. The colorful baking necessities are part of the company's Funfetti line, which features sweet flavors, vibrant colors, and rainbow sprinkles. As you could imagine, the unicorn-themed goodies fit in perfectly with the rest of the collection.

Pillsbury officially launched the Unicorn Funfetti combination in July 2019, and you should start seeing both products in your local supermarkets soon. According to the company, they're currently being rolled out throughout the nation — but they should be widely available in the United States by the end of September. In other words, if the baking aisle at your go-to grocery store hasn't been overtaken by unicorns yet, check again at the beginning of autumn. Apparently, the unicorn-inspired treats will be available at stores like Acme, Affiliated Foods, Weis Markets, and more — so keep your eyes open.

OK, now that you know where you'll be able to find the Unicorn Funfetti treats, let's talk about what makes them so #magical.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

I'll start with the Funfetti Unicorn Cake Mix, because it sounds freaking delicious. Unlike the typical Funfetti mixes in Pillsbury's collection, this one is strawberry-flavored (!!!). On top of that, the mix has a pink hue and is filled with yellow and purple "candy bits." It's by far Pillsbury's most enchanted flavor yet, and I can't wait to start baking cupcakes with it.

What's a cupcake without frosting, though? Luckily, Pillsbury's Unicorn Funfetti combo also includes a Vanilla Frosting tub that's inspired by unicorns. It looks like the frosting itself is the OG vanilla-flavored spread that you know and love, but the sprinkles that come along with it will bring your desserts to the next level. According to Pillsbury, the frosting is paired with a selection of pink and purple unicorn-shaped sprinkles, yellow star-shaped sprinkles, and original blue and pink sprinkles. It's a dreamy selection, to say the absolute least.

Can you imagine topping your strawberry-flavored cupcake with the unicorn-inspired spread? Heck, I'd probably be happy grabbing a spoon and eating it straight out of the tub.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

If pink isn't your color, don't fret. Pillsbury also released a bright blue addition to the Funfetti collection called Funfetti Galaxy. The outer space-inspired collection features Yellow Cake Mix that's mixed with purple and blue candy bits, along with Space Blue Vanilla Frosting. Unlike the frosting in the Unicorn line, the Space Blue Vanilla Frosting includes lunar-themed sprinkles like rocket ships, moons, and stars.

Similar to the Funfetti Unicorn combination, the Galaxy collection is currently rolling out to retailers nationwide and should be totally available throughout the country by the end of September. Luckily, both combos were added to Funfetti's permanent collection, which means they won't be going anywhere.

With that being said, go ahead and plan your unicorn-themed parties and galaxy-inspired get togethers. Pillsbury has you covered when it comes to desserts.