Meghan Markle's Florist Launched A Hair Accessory Line That's BEYOND Beautiful

If you've been searching for the perfect last-minute Coachella accessory or you simply want to dress up an outfit you've got picked out for a friend's spring wedding, look no further than Philippa Craddock's hair accessories line. The brains behind all of the flowers you lusted over at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is channeling her love for blooms into a much more accessible and wearable medium, and her creations give even the most outrageous of fascinators a run for their money. These aren't your average $7 flower crowns you pick up at Urban Outfitters—these are true works of art with a wonderfully romantic spirit.

Few photos from last year's royal wedding were more iconic than those taken of the bride and groom underneath an archway of greenery and white blooms upon leaving St George's Chapel post-"I do's." The massive arrangement framed the couple so gorgeously and provided for such a perfect backdrop that you know immense thought and care went into designing it. Craddock channeled the same attention to detail when designing her line of new hair accessories—a fact that becomes blatantly evident with just one glance at its offerings.

Comprising headbands, slide-in pins, and brooches, the collection takes a straightforward approach to the types of accessories it includes. They're no-fuss styles that you'll be able to put in and style yourself, no matter if you decide to wear your hair down and natural or pull it back into a dressy chignon.

Design-wise, the collection is anything but simple. A number of the headbands are incredibly exuberant and complex, bursting with flora — including artichoke and hydrangea that are piled high on top of one another to the point of looking like small bouquets. They're the things that ethereal high-fashion shoots are made of and will certainly turn heads.

If you want a less extreme headband you're also in luck. Choose from an olive green style with a silky band and singular statement bloom or other options lined with three or four flowers for something a bit more manicured and less overgrown.

In terms of the slide-in pins, they're even more pared down, yet no less whimsical. Adorned with roses, dahlias, zinnias, and the like, they're the perfect way to tuck a flower behind your ear or into your bun without it going limp in an hour.

As for the brooches, they're a quirky way to liven up pretty much any part of your outfit, from your neckline to your lapel. It's up to you to get creative with their placement, but if you look back at the style choices of Queen Elizabeth II, a woman who loves brooches, you'll find some ace inspiration.

The accessories are available at and prices range from £131 (about $172). They're not cheap (far from it), but would you expect anything fit for royalty to be? For a super special occasion they'd be more than worth it. How much you want to bet that Markle will soon sport one of the designs herself and that the line will subsequently explode?