A guinea pig is dressed in a mermaid costume from PetSmart for Halloween.
These Guinea Pig Halloween Costumes Are Cuteness Overload

Here's the deal. On Halloween, everybody in your life needs a costume, and that includes your sweet guinea pig. Like you, they deserve to be dressed up like a magical unicorn, dreamy mermaid, or beloved superhero. That's why I'm giving you the deets on PetSmart's guinea pig Halloween costumes.

Spoiler alert: They're cuteness overload and will make you say "aww" over and over again. From the second you secure the sparkly tiara or spooky witch hat on your pet, you won't be able to stop raving about how fab-boo-lous they look. You'll probably pull out your phone and start snapping pics of your fluff in front of the autumn decorations in your apartment, or the letter board in your room that reads, "Too cute to spook." Then, you may edit those pics for Instagram with glittery filters and seasonal stickers so your followers can see your guinea pig getting into the spirit of the holiday.

You'll reply to every sweet comment and encourage your BFFs to get their pets a few costumes for Halloween next year, too. Imagine if you had a party and your pets were all dressed up in costumes like these five from the Thrills & Chills™ collection at PetSmart? Now that would be major cuteness overload.

A Pineapple

The first of these adorable Halloween costumes for guinea pigs at PetSmart is a cozy and sparkly pineapple costume. Purchase it at the affordable price of $5.99, then dress up in a coordinating costume, like a traveler on a tropical vacation. That way, you two can match and dominate the costume contest.

A Unicorn

What's more magical than a unicorn? Well, a guinea pig in a unicorn costume on Halloween, of course. It gives your pet a sparkly horn and rainbow-colored tail that are so adorable. Once you put them in this costume, you'll want to pick them up and let them pretend they're soaring around the room. Then, you'll want to cuddle up on the couch and celebrate the holiday with ease and style.

A Mermaid

According to the sea creatures in The Little Mermaid, life is better under the sea. Your guinea pig may not agree with this motto when they're splashing around in the bath, but they'll look beyond sweet in this mermaid costume on Halloween. It's too cute to spook any person at the party, and will make your pet feel like a princess. With a teeny tiara and a dramatic tail, it'll make a real splash on your Instagram feed, too.

A Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a classic Halloween costume #look, and your guinea pig could pull it off perfectly. Imagine your pet wearing a headband with a curly stem and a little sweater that turns them into a jack-'o-lantern. I'm smiling like a dork at my laptop screen just thinking about it. Get this costume, OK?

A Bumble Bee

The latest buzz is this cute bumble bee costume for your guinea pig. Give them a headband with yellow pom-poms for antennas and an outfit that's complete with wings and a stinger near the tail.

They may thank you in kisses and give you cuteness overload for getting them a Halloween costume and letting them be a key part of the festivities. To shop the full Thrills & Chills™ collection at PetSmart, head to the PetSmart website with your credit card in hand. Spook ya later.