Peter Weber Got The Wisest Breakup Advice From His Mom, Barb Weber


After experiencing three major breakups in just one year, it seems like Peter Weber is ready to begin a new chapter. Following his 2020 splits from Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Kelley Flanagan, the pilot got a fresh start by moving to New York City, where he says he's taking a break from dating to focus on himself. Moving across the country has helped the former Bachelor put his past behind him — and so has the breakup advice Peter Weber received from his mom, Barb Weber, with whom fans of The Bachelor are likely well acquainted.

"Breakups suck, but they're supposed to suck," Peter tells Elite Daily. "It shows how much that relationship meant to you. Obviously it hurts, but feel those — don't suppress any of those feelings. Let yourself truly process it all." One piece of breakup advice from his mom has always stuck with him. "[She says] you don't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you," he explains. "Don't lose sight of that. Yes, it's going to hurt, it's going to sting, but they ended it. They don't want to be with you. You deserve so much more, and you deserve someone that's going to treat you like a queen or a king every day of your life." Well put, Barb.

Peter feels all breakups happen for a reason. "If you're the one that did the breakup, realize that you did both [of] you guys a favor and again, it always sucks," he continues. "[Breakups are] never going to be easy, but they're supposed to be that way."

On Dec. 31, Peter announced his breakup from Kelley to fans in an Instagram post, noting that things "simply didn't work out in the end." Soon after, in a Jan. 4 statement to Entertainment Tonight, the pilot said, "Kelley and I operate on two different frequencies, and one isn't better or worse than the other; we're just two different people, and those differences surfaced after eight months of dating." Though some fans thought Barb caused the split, the pilot shut those rumors down. As he told ET, " mom really encouraged us to be in the relationship if we wanted to be and to not give up."

Peter and Kelley briefly sparked reconciliation rumors when they appeared to go clubbing together in Tampa, Florida on Feb. 6, but according to Peter, dating is "the last thing on [his] mind at the moment." Instead, he says his focus right now is on his health, his friendships, and his new life in the Big Apple, where he's living with his dog, Tripp, and fellow Bachelorette alum Dustin Kendrick.

Peter jokes that he's "probably not the best person to give any [dating] advice right now," but he is a firm believer that things always work out the way they're supposed to in the end, as long as you put yourself out there. "If it's meant to be, it'll be," he says, "whether it's being [on a dating] app, walking on the street and bumping into someone, or however it may be — it's meant to be, it'll be."

The problem with believing the power of fate? Not everyone is going to understand the decisions you make. Peter warned current Bachelor Matt James prior to his season that he shouldn't allow others to influence his decisions on The Bachelor. "My advice then was, you're not going to please everyone, [and] you're going to piss a lot of people off, and that's OK," Peter explains.

As someone who considers himself a people-pleaser, Peter says blocking out the opinions of haters and "following his heart" during his season was tough, but it was essential. "In the process, you're going to hurt people, you're going to annoy people, and you're going to have people disagree with what you're doing," he adds. "If it makes you feel happy and content with your decision, then that's all that matters."

Luckily, it doesn't seem as though the pilot harbors any ill will towards his exes. In fact, he'd love to see all the contestants from his season of The Bachelor find love. When asked who he'd like to see on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, Peter says, "It's not possible, but I would love all the women from my season, if that was the thing that they wanted to do, [and] if they were in that place in their life, and they're single, and it made sense to go and find their person."

And what is Peter looking for in his person? The pilot wants a partner who shares his passions, and as a spokesperson for Bulletproof, a nutrients and supplements brand, his ideal SO would be similarly motivated to stay fit. "Once you're with someone, they are such a big part of your life," he points out.

According to him, if a couple isn't on the "same wavelength," then forging a strong bond is tough. "It's great to have someone motivate you, because you're not going to be motivated every single day," he says. And if you don't have a partner to keep you focused, then Peter says Bulletproof's cold brew lattes and coconut chocolate-dipped collagen bars can definitely help.

The former Bachelor may not be looking to date right now, but it seems like Peter is doing A-OK keeping himself motivated in his new city. Plus, he can always count on supportive IG comments and tough love from Mama Weber to keep him on track.