Peter Weber's 'Bachelor' Contestants

Here Are All The 'Bachelor' Contestants' Instagram Handles, You're Welcome

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

As a wise TV writer once said, the best way to really get to know someone new is through social media. (OK, it was me, but I stand by it.) So, while Night 1 officially introduced the ladies on Pilot Pete's season, it's Peter Weber's Bachelor contestants' Instagrams that should serve as their real first impressions to fans.

Basically, from the moment the new Bachelor cast members are announced each season, the race is on for viewers at home to find out as much as they possibly can about the new reality TV stars. Of course, as the new Bachelor, Pilot Pete's Instagram is still getting the most attention as of right now, especially since he finally received the coveted blue checkmark right as his season was kicked off. His profile now has a whopping 1.5 million followers, likely way more than any other commercial airline pilot out there.

But Peter better watch his back; some of the women on his season could totally surpass him by the time he's handed out his final rose. As fans know, getting engaged on The Bachelor isn't the only way to win in the franchise — Instagram fame is also a highly desired outcome for many contestants on the show.

This list contains all 30 of the ladies on Season 24 of The Bachelor (including those who have already been sent home), so you can get a closer look at all of the people vying to win Peter Webers heart.

Alaya Benavidez

Alayah is the first of several beauty queens on Pilot Pete's season of The Bachelor. She earned the title of Miss Texas in 2019 and shares lots of pageant #lewks with her followers on the 'gram. She calls San Antonio home, and works as an orthodontist assistant. No wonder her pearly whites look so sparkly in all her pics...

Alexa Caves

Alexa, who reportedly moved to Chicago based on a simple coin flip, is a "total free spirit and has a lot of hippie in her." From sharing photos featuring bright eyeshadow to rocking wild wigs, it's clear she likes to put her eclectic personality on display. She's also apparently the "type of person to call people out," which means she's probably not a wallflower (pun intended).

Avonlea Elkins

Avonlea is a cattle rancher from Texas who calls herself "a little ranch... a little runway." She's signed with The Campbell Agency, and her pics show she definitely has some modeling talent.

Courtney Perry

If you're looking for fun selfies and motivational captions, Courtney's Instagram is for you. As a cosmetologist, she takes to social media to share photos tossing her hair and showing off her various styles.

Deandra Kanu

Her ABC bio says she's from Texas, but this 24-year-old grew up in Maine and spent a lot of time in Nigeria, where her father was born. She's a home care coordinator with an active YouTube channel, and calls herself a "windmill girl" in her Instagram bio. Is that the new name for Peter's contestants? If so, I stan.

Eunice Cho

Eunice, one of the three flight attendants on Pilot Pete's season of The Bachelor, displays her love of aviation on social media. Will it be enough to unite her and Peter this season?

Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss is already making social media waves; the 23-year-old model's Instagram follower count jumped from 83,000 to 208,000 after she won Peter's first impression rose, and it continues to climb. Her bio says she's "always smiling" but her pics show she has a sultry side as well.

Jade Gilliland

Jade's Instagram profile says "airplanes and puppies" and her photos put both of those passions on display. This flight attendant from Arizona is also working toward getting her private pilot's license, which mean she could join Pilot Pete in the sky. Growing up in the Mormon culture, Jade got married at 22, but divorced soon after and is hoping Peter could be the next one to take her heart.

Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine says her golden retriever Gnarles Barkely is her best friend, and both her ABC bio and Instagram profile attest to her love of Chick-fil-A. (Perhaps a Instagram #ad is in the future for this gal?)

Jenna Serrano

Although this nursing student hails from Chicago, it's clear she makes time for warmer climates, sharing a few vacation pics on her social profiles. If you missed Jenna bringing her "emotional support cow" Ashley P. to the Bachelor mansion on Night 1, definitely take a moment to check out that moment and Peter's reaction.

Katrina Badowski

Katrina, a pro sports dancer from Chicago, has lots of photos showing her in action as a Chicago Bulls dancer. She also shares pics of her beloved hairless cat, Jasmine, one of which she printed and presented to Peter on their first meeting.

Kelley Flanagan

Kelley's Instagram bio says she's an attorney, cook, and traveler from the windy city of Chicago. And, judging by her photos, she's lived up to her self-proclaimed "traveler" title.

Kelsey Weier

Kelsey is another beauty queen who made her way onto Peter's season. She was crowned Miss Iowa in 2017, and currently is a "professional clothier." Her outfits prove she has some major style, so it's no wonder she makes a living through fashion.

Kiarra Norman

Kiarra is a nanny and social butterfly from Georgia who wants a partner who "makes her laugh but can also be serious." Judging by her Instagram, which is filled with adorbs pics of her laughing, finding someone to make her giggle might not be a tough feat.

Kylie Ramos

Kylie, an entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, California, spends her time in SoCal but grew up in northern California wine country. She's signed with multiple talent agencies, which could be why her Instagram is filled with photos of her modeling.

Lauren Jones


Lauren is a marketing executive from Glendale, California, who also runs her own fashion blog, LovelyLuxe. Her Instagram contain photos of her stylish outfits, including that adorbs jumpsuit from Night 1 that caught Peter's eye outside the Bachelor mansion.

Lexi Buchanan

Although she said she moved to New York for a past boyfriend, Lexi now calls the Big Apple home all on her own. However, that's not to say she's not ready for love; her ABC profile says she's looking for the "future father of her children," and she hopes to find that in Peter.

Madison Prewett

Madisson is a basketball player who helped lead her high school's team to four state championships, being coached by her father all the way. She went to Auburn University, where her dad works for the basketball team. BTW, The Bachelor isn't Madison's first time on TV; she appeared on The Price is Right in 2018 — and has the photos to prove it.

Maurissa Gunn

Another pageant queen was added to the mix when Maurissa signed on to Peter's Bachelor season. In high school, she competed in the Miss Teen USA pageants and was crowned Miss Teen Montana in 2013. She's super raw on social media, showing off her fitness transformation she mentioned in her intro package.

Megan Hops

As the third flight attendant to join Peter's season, Megan said she entered her profession "with the goal of seeing the world." By the looks of her social profiles, she's done well with that goal, and made her way to exotic destinations including Singapore, Hawaii, Greece, and London in the past year alone.

Mykenna Dorn

Mykenna is a fashion blogger from Canada. Her Instagram bio says she's a "CEO of Cringy Wine Dancing," and her fun videos give her followers a peek at just what she means by that.

Natasha Parker

Natasha appreciates "quiet time where she can meditate and focus on her spirituality," and shares photos of these passions on social media. While ABC calls her an "event planner," her personal website shows she's also a Columbia grad who did marketing for HBO. Her recent campaigns include Insecure, Succession, 2 Dope Queens, Sesame Street, and The Deuce.

Payton Moran

This self-proclaimed social butterfly has a profile filled with friends, smiles, and often a few drinks. Payton, pictured middle, clearly has some pals who love to tag along in her social endeavors too.

Sarah Coffin

Sarah is a Tennessee-based medial radiographer who "loves to cook and find fun, healthy recipes to make throughout the week." But, from the looks of her social profile, it seems she finds time for a few sweets as well.

Savannah Mullins

Though her ABC profile doesn't mention it, this realtor from Houston has another gig. On Nov. 25, Savannah announced she was returning as a Houston Astros Shooting Star in 2020, meaning she'll bring spirit to the baseball field, by "tossing souvenirs to fans, dancing on the dugouts, singing along during the 7th Inning Stretch or volunteering in the Houston community." From the looks of it, her team is rooting for her from afar to win Peter's heart.

Shiann Lewis

This Las Vegas native's profile includes snapshots from her life and workout endeavors. Something her ABC Bachelor profile doesn't mention? She used to be a flight attendant. Wonder why she hasn't mentioned that on the show...

Sydney Hightower

Sydney is a 24-year-old retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama. And, by the looks of her social profile, she's definitely done some modeling work as well. Her playful personality particularly comes out in her captions; she even references a certain beloved yellow sea sponge in this photo.

Tammy Ly

Although ABC calls her a "house flipper" on the show, this lady is a lot more than that. As of Jan. 7, her Instagram bio revealed she has six (yes, six) jobs: realtor, insurance agent, investor, marketer, bartender, and actress. (Now, it simply says "I have a lot of jobs.") She credits her parents for instilling in her a work ethic that makes it all possible.

Victoria Fuller

Victoria F.'s ABC bio says "she wants a man who can not only give her unconditional love, but can also give that love to her dog Buxton, because they are a package deal." Her dog is clearly important to this 25-year-old medical sales rep from Virginia, and her Instagram proves it.

Victoria Paul

Victoria Paul, 27, is a former Miss Louisiana USA and even made it to the Top 15 of Miss USA in 2019. Her social profiles contain a bunch of photos of her rocking her Louisiana sash and fabulous 'fits along with it.