Tammy Ly is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

Here's Why 'Bachelor' Contestant Tammy Ly Sounds Like A Total Badass

ABC/Maarten de Boer

On Night 1 in the Bachelor Mansion, Peter Weber said he liked boldness. And if there's one contestant (aside from maybe first impression rose-winner Hannah Ann Sluss) who proved she's bold in The Bachelor's season premiere, it's Tammy Ly. From showing up with a metal detector and a condom to confronting another contestant for cheating in a relay race, she's already proven she's not one to be demure in her quest for Peter's heart. But who is Tammy on The Bachelor outside of the show? Her background shows she's a total badass both on screens and off.

Tammy Ly's title on the show lists her occupation as a "house flipper," and while that occupation alone takes some grit (she said she's not afraid to tear down walls), there are other things in her background that prove she's one tough gal,

Per Tammy's ABC bio, her family immigrated to Syracuse, New York, during the Vietnam War, and she credits her parents for instilling in her the go-getter attitude that has helped her reach her goals. For example, in high school, Tammy went out for the boys' wresting team and filed a Title IX complaint after being denied a spot. The team eventually accepted her, and it's a good thing too, because she went on to hold a 7-1 record for the varsity team.

According to Instagram, Tammy has six jobs — realtor, insurance agent, investor, marketer, bartender, and actress — proving her ambitious attitude didn't go away after high school.

Here's a snippet from Tammy's official Bachelor profile:

Tammy is in the process of taking over the world and if a man can't keep up, then she isn't afraid to leave them in the dust ... Tammy's busy work life hasn't given her too much time to date. She has been unable to find anyone in Syracuse who can keep up with her ambitious nature, and she finds it hard to date men her age because her drive tends to intimidate them. Tammy is coming into this experience to focus on finding true love and to see if Peter is the type of guy who can give her the work-life balance she needs.

Tammy's bold personality is already making an impact on Peter and the ladies. She exited the limo with a metal detector in hand to inspect Peter's "package" on their first hello, and later handcuffed him, jokingly pulled a condom (which she planted) out of his pocket, and kissed him during their one-on-one time. Peter must've been at least intrigued by her moves, because she earned a rose that night and was later invited to the season's first group date.

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During the date, she shone in the obstacle course, which had her flying down an inflatable slide, battling a giant fan, and speeding through a quick-change into a pilots' uniform. However, trouble came at the end of the race, when fellow contestant Kelley Flanagan zoomed past her on a tricycle, going straight through the cones (not around, as the rules stated). When Kelley returned from her alone time with Peter (the prize for winning the race), Tammy confronted her for cheating. Though it didn't result in any fights or fireworks, the conversation (which was actually pretty polite, TBH) did help fans see which contestants might be ones to watch for future drama.

To see how Tammy's journey plays out, tune into The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.