These Throwback Christmas Pictures Of Barack Obama Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer

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Whether you're navigating family-inflicted holiday stress or just feeling the daily weight of the current political climate, the best holiday escape can be remembering happier times — including the time when Obama was still in office. If you're needing some hope and inspiration this holiday season you're in luck. Former Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza's Christmas 2018 Instagram of Barack Obama is filled with amazing throwbacks of '43 and really hits the nostalgic spot. (Slash, if you're reading this, Obama, I miss you, please come back!)

Throughout the 2018 holiday season, Souza's Instagram has been filled with amazing glimpses into the Obama White House. Donning lovely shots with the whole fam to romantic moments with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Souza's Insta feed rivals the awww factor of baby animals and Chrissy Teigen's family photos. Of course, Obama's own social media boasts some festive and fun recent pics, that are not to be missed either. Yet Souza's page of throwbacks may be the best way to escape the current conflict, offering us a place to reminisce and reflect. The government may be shut down over Christmas 2018, but Souza's Instagram is moving in full swing.

The caption for this photo reads:

Every Christmas, President Obama would greet military families at Kaneohe Bay Hawaii Marine Corps Base. In 2013, he interacted with this rambunctious youngster. Swipe to see interaction a year later.

His followers got to see the former president affectionately playing with kids on his Christmas Day visit.

Souza isn't shy about his political leanings, frequently lamenting about the current president, and publicly endorsing Obama and his family. Throwing some major shade, Souza posted this classic picture a few days before Christmas of Obama, Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and a whole bunch of celebrities.

Nestled next to Ellen DeGeneres and Mariah Carey, the Obamas are full of holiday cheer, and wearing super cute, festive outfits (duh.) With the caption, "Back when our President could occasionally be a goofball but was never a nut job #throwshadethenvote" Souza keeps it pretty real, and leaves the post with a call to action for his followers to do their civic duty.

For a jewel tone moment, the snap of the Obamas greeting some cute D.C. kids dressed as elves shows the Obama ladies in some amazing colors.

With a basket of books and smiles all around, this photo of the Obama family greeting elves may in fact be a snapshot into happier times for all.

If you needed to ugly cry and be reminded of love in the world, Souza has you covered. The close shot of the Obamas' hands, is tender and gooey and so full of love.

And if you need something to keep you warm in the snowstorms of winter and sh*tstorms of America, Obama groovin' with Santa is literally everything.

With a burgundy scarf and a black overcoat, '43 is shaking his thing, and spreading all the winter cheer.

No matter what ill-fitting or #offbrand things Santa brought you this year, these Obama throwback pictures are one size fits all, whether you're naughty or nice.