Barack Obama's Photographer Threw Major Shade At Donald Trump (Again) & I Can't

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's almost too easy to crack jokes about President Donald Trump. Rarely does a late night talk show host go an evening without taking a jab at him or someone else involved with the Trump administration. One of the most surprising Trump jokesters is the chief official White House photographer for the Obama administration, Pete Souza. He uses his old nostalgic pictures he took while working for Barack Obama and posts them to social media, all while throwing in hilarious burns aimed at Trump in the process. And on Feb. 26 Pete Souza threw major shade at Trump again — and it's honestly too perfect.

Souza's made headlines for the jokes he's made at Trump's expense in the year since the president's taken office, and his latest jab at him is seriously incredible. On Feb. 26, Trump decided to claim that if he were experiencing a school shooting, he'd run into the building himself and confront the shooter — even if he wasn't armed. This out-there claim came under fire by many of Trump's critics, and Souza couldn't help but get in on the action. That same day, he posted an image of Obama running up some stairs with the caption, "Back in the day when our President could run."

Souza took to Instagram to make fun of Trump and his running capabilities.

Souza spent the entirety of former President Obama's eight years in the White House as the chief photographer, so he obviously has an arsenal of images to share. But what we did not expect at the time of Obama's departure from the Oval Office was for Souza to use those images as ammo against Trump, making him one of the most clever social media critics of the current president.

And may I just say — BURN.

Trump is known to make outrageous comments and claims, but I think that this latest declaration of his supposed valor is the most outlandish one to date.

So, what prompted Trump to make such a comment? It came after a Feb. 22 report related to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. On Feb. 14 when the alleged shooter descended upon Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, an armed guard on the scene failed to act, staying outside the school while the shooter attacked those inside. That guard, Scot Peterson, resigned in the wake of the reports. But Trump decided to openly criticize Peterson and suggest that he himself would have done a better job at protecting the students. In a White House meeting on Feb. 26 Trump said,

You know I really believe, you don't know until you're tested, but I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon and I think most of the people in this room would've done that too.

Considering that Trump actually avoided the Vietnam War draft not once, not twice, but five times, and has never served in a military capacity, it's a little hard to believe that he would have stepped up to the plate and help these kids. And without a weapon?! It's just an overall ludicrous statement. No wonder Trump's getting a ton of flak for making this claim — and Souza's rebuttal is my favorite burn that I've seen so far.

It's one thing for Trump to make his usual outlandish claims, but it's another when he is directly attacking another person's character to make himself look noble. And it's seriously inappropriate to make such a claim when there are young students who lost friends and classmates still healing in the wake of this tragedy.

As awful as that statement was, leave it to Souza to turn this around and create a hilarious joke out of it. A little comic relief never hurt anybody, right?