Pete Davidson Was Reportedly Wearing This Hilarious Costume When He Heard “Thank U, Next"

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Pete Davidson's life is fascinating, to say the least. His day-to-day was already an anomaly as the youngest cast member on one of the world's biggest shows. Spending your days rehearsing sketches for Saturday Night Live and regularly bumping into Hollywood's biggest A-list celebrities isn't a normal millennial life. But geez — it was heightened even more when he got engaged to Ariana Grande! Since their breakup, Pete's been living his "normal" life, doing gigs and performing on SNL. Meanwhile, Grande keeps dropping music about him. In fact, what Pete Davidson was wearing when he heard "Thank U, Next" is just the latest example of how truly wild this guy's life is.

So, picture this. The whole planet can't stop talking about your famous breakup and your ex is busy crushing the Billboard music charts. Meanwhile, it's your literal job to go on national television and make people laugh. One day, you're dressing up in a clown costume (for work, obviously) when you hear your ex's voice floating over the radio. Suddenly, you hear your name. Now, you're on the job, dressed up as a clown, learning your ex is making outrageous amounts of dollars singing about you. Reportedly, that was once Pete Davidson's reality.

Davidson has been back on the stand-up stage after taking some time off after he and Grande split. Now that he's back, plenty of people who have seen him perform have talked about how much he's woven Grande into his set. According to sources who saw him at Caroline's on Broadway in New York City, Davidson told the story about when he first heard "Thank U, Next." A source told Page Six, "A good amount of Pete’s set is about Ariana," adding he first heard her smash "while he was backstage at ‘SNL’ in a clown outfit."

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Aye, aye, aye, Pete.

Davidson also recently talked about how Grande famously talked about his BDE (or "HUUUGE" as she put it in her "Thank U, Next" video) and called her an "evil genius."

"Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis?" he reportedly joked. "So that every girl who sees my d*ck for the rest of my life is disappointed." According to sources, Davidson claims he's never heard that from any of his previous girlfriends.


Eyewitnesses also say Davidson talked about how he moved back in with his mom since moving out of the reported 16 million dollar apartment he shared with Grande when they were together. Apparently, he joked that his mom goes to parties with him now and is like, "Maybe you’ll meet someone?"

Oof. Respectful face-palm.

In general, I think Davidson is doing remarkably well given the situation. Whether you're obsessed with Grande or not, you have to admit it must be tricky for Davidson to navigate the situation. Fortunately, he's still holding it down on SNL and back to crushing it on stage. Not every person could rebound from hearing a chart-topping mega-hit about them while dressed up in a clown suit. For those reasons, I've got nothing but respect for Pete.