Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale's Body Language At The Rangers Game Is Goals

I think it's fair to say no one saw this whole Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale romance coming. That said, if Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale's body language at the Rangers game — where the two of them locked lips and ahem… visible tongues — is any indication, then things are definitely getting steamy between this alleged, and oh-so-surprising duo.

How did this even start? According to People, Davison and Beckinsale initially hit it off at a Golden Globes after party. The two were reportedly spotted chatting for about 45 minutes at the star-studded shindig. Davidson arrived at the party with Machine Gun Kelly who, like a good wingman, appeared to take a hike when the two seemed to be hitting it off. There were also reports of cuddling. Aww.

They were then spotted a couple of weeks later holding hands while leaving one of Davidson’s shows, reported Cosmopolitan, sparking even more rumors that they really were dating. That brings us to Sunday, March 3, when the two appeared to confirm they are, in fact, an item during a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, where they got cozy and even shared a passionate kiss. Needless to say, I am curious about his alleged duo, so I reached out to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, and body language expert Lisa Mitchell for their takes on what we can learn about Beckinsale and Davidson’s dynamic based on their body language at the game. Here is what they see.

They can’t keep their hands off one another.
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Both the experts agree this photo shows that both Davidson and Beckinsale want to be as close as possible, and want to share as much physical contact as they can. “They can't seem to sit close enough to each other and find ways to intwine themselves further by wrapping their arms up and claiming as much territory on each other as possible,” Mitchell tells Elite Daily, pointing to the way their arms are crisscrossed and intertwined.

The positions of their arms caught Brown’s eye as well, and she is struck by both the comfort and the chemistry between them. “You can't get more tangled up that these two are! His hand is inside her thigh — that's hot!! And they're looking each other in the eye at a very intimate distance. That's hard to do if it's not real love,” Brown tells Elite Daily.

There is a ton of sexual chemistry between them.
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In this second photo, we see Davidson and Beckinsale getting seriously up close and personal, and Brown sees two people who are really attracted to one another “Wow are they steamy with the PDA,” she says. “What a hot kiss! Get a room,” she jokes.

Mitchell agrees that the passion is there, and she see notes that it appears to very balanced between them. “The affection seems to very much be mutual with both Pete and Kate. They are both leaning in to each other equally, meeting in the middle, and both making gestures of moving further toward each other. It's not just one of them making the effort or showing the affection,” she explains.

She is super into him.
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The experts’ assertions that both Davidson and Beckinsale are into this connection is further seen in this image, says Brown, particularly in the way Beckinsale is reciprocating the tight hold they have one another. “She's grabbing him tight and pulling him in,” she observes. Looking at this image, Mitchell sees a real connection between the two. “I can't say that it's true love, but it most definitely is strong infatuation at the moment, to say the least,” she concludes.

They are having a great time together.
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In this final image, Brown sees two people who truly enjoy one other’s company and are just having a fantastic time in each other’s presence. “What a sweet kiss on the nose,” she says. “We don't see that much. It's super playful.”

In her overall assessment of Beckinsale and Davidson, Mitchell seconds what Brown sees. “These two are happy. It's literally written all over their faces with genuine smiles, the kind that pull the corners of the mouth up and out and make the eyes crinkle. They are really, truly enjoying each other's company,” she concludes.

These two clearly have great chemistry — whether they have what it takes to go the distance, only time will tell. That said, they currently appear to be proof that sometimes opposites really do attract… and can be super adorable!

Victoria Wanken/Elite Daily