This Birthdate Candle Is The Cool & Cosmic Gift Your BFF Needs

Let's be honest: One of your favorite days of the year is your bestie's birthday, because you get to celebrate the person who makes your life so incredibly sweet, adventurous, and full. You get to send a text filled with puns like, "Happy birthday, bestie! I'm sending your selfie to NASA, because you're a star," and wrap up presents in colorful paper and oversized bows. You also get to eat cupcakes, dance until well past midnight, and make new memories with your crew. This year, though, you may be struggling trying to find the perfect gift for your astrology-loving friend. Have you considered picking up one of these cute and cosmic personalized Birthdate Candles? I think you should.

Nothing shows your bestie you care about them more than a personalized gift that speaks to their passions, hopes, and dreams. It shows you listen to their rants about horoscopes and the most recent tarot card reading they've done, and support their love of everything related to the planets, the zodiac signs, and the ultimate power of the universe. Most importantly, it's a reminder when they're snuggled up in a bunch of blankets and watching the latest episodes of The Bachelorette that they're loved and appreciated.

In addition, a gift like this reminds them you're a significant part of their life, and ready to hop in the car, grab a pizza, and go stargazing or on a spontaneous weekend trip at a moment's notice. What more could you ask for? It beats me, which is why I'm here to give you all the details on these personalized Birthdate Candles. They'll brighten your bestie's room on their birthday and their soul for, well, forever.

Birthdate Candles

Let's not waste another minute with puns and the star-studded details of your friendship, because you have some shopping to do. Instead, let's talk about what your bestie will be unwrapping on their birthday and the beauty of these personalized Birthdate Candles.

First things first: These candles are hand-poured and made from an all-natural coconut and soy wax blend. Master perfumers whip up a custom, natural aroma that'll speak to your bestie's soul, according to astrological readings. The FAQ page on the Birthdate Candles website says the scents tend to be "woodsy, mystical, and floral," and will make you feel calm.

The candles are 13.5oz in size, and can burn for 60 to 80 hours. The glass the candle comes in can be recycled, too, making this gift very planet-conscious and Earth-friendly.

The coolest part is what goes into the personalization of this candle. The back label contains a personality description, and gives insight into your bestie's personal relationships. There's a tarot card reading, and a brief explanation as to what it means and what its ultimate impact is.

On the front label, there's your bestie's ruling number, ruling planet, and more information about their custom scent. Those details are what makes this gift so special and the perfect item to add to your cart before cueing the balloons, confetti, and chocolate-frosted cake.

So, how can you purchase one of these personalized Birthdate Candles? It's actually pretty simple. Start by opening your laptop and heading to the Birthdate Candles website. Click the button that reads, "Find Your Candle," and begin customizing your gift. The company will ask for your bestie's birth month and day, before giving you the details on the scent notes your candle will come with, personality traits linked to that day, and how quickly it'll ship.

For example, when I enter my birthday, November 24, it tells me that my candle would have "a floral base of rose and narcissus that gives way to a stirring blend of neroli, tea tree, and water lily." And that I'm energetic, ambitious, and optimistic at heart. That sounds about right, and now I'm considering picking up one for myself, too.

After adding the candle to your cart, you'll be guided through the usual checkout process, and asked to enter your shipping address and billing information. Submit your order, and then patiently wait for your gift to arrive. I know it will be tricky to not stare at your doorstep and ask, "Is it here yet?"


Once your personalized Birthdate Candle has arrived, you should take into consideration the other cute and cosmic things your astrology-loving bestie needs on their birthday. This could be cupcakes that are decorated with zodiac signs, or tickets to a constellation show at the local planetarium. The options are endless, like the universe that seems to stretch on for miles and miles.

Personally, I'd say get out into the world and explore. Take a road trip to a national park that you can go stargazing and camping in, or decorate a table at a new and trendy restaurant in your city with glitter and confetti shaped like stars. Have a sparkly photo shoot, or go to an amusement park so that your bestie can ride some rollercoaster and be closer to the planets.

Your bestie will love it and feel like you really celebrated their birthday in the best way possible. Just do yourself a favor and grab that candle before you make any plans. That's #necessary.